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Note, iv been in the progress of changing my username to Indextron but am too lazy to make new accounts for stuff like this, you can find me on reddit or the discord under Indextron using this profile pic

Fun fact; Indextron is a Sony trademark for their Beam-index tube CRT Which is what is pictured in the profile pic


My avatar

Howdy! I'm redfox123 or red for short, I'm an average Pikmin fan who loves collecting and Pikmin is my main interest when it comes to collecting. I'm rather new to the whole wiki scene but I think I'm making it pretty ok. If you have any merchandise questions I'm probably not the first to ask (See: Jimble) but I can help. I have a Youtube account which I like to keep private unless I want to post a video on the Pikmin discord or pikcord for short (