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rainbow pikmin sprite

[[Video:Bread Bug Boss Battle Theme Sped, Normal Slowed From Pikmin|thumb|300px|left|sped,normal,slow]][[Video:The Forest Navel From Pikmin Sped Up|thumb|300px|right|EVERYBODY DO THE LONG LEGS]][[Video:Pikmin 2 Boss Strategy Series- Giant Breadbug|thumb|300px|right|how to beat the giant breadbug]][[Video:Pikmin 2 Boss Strategy Series- Ranging Bloyster|thumb|300px|right]][[Video:Pikmin 2 Boss Strategy Series- Waterwraith|thumb|300px|right]][[Video:Pikmin 2 Boss Strategy Series- Titan Dweevil|thumb|300px|left]] [[Video:Pikmin 2 Cutscenes|thumb|326px|left]][[Video:Pikmin_2_Music_Giant_Breadbug|thumb|300px|right|sorry if you cant hear it.]]