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Hi I'm Redradish.  If you really have to know, White Radish is my cousin who lives less than 500 Ft. from my house.  I've been a Pikmin fan ever since I got both Pikmin games for Christmas.  My favorite is Pikmin 2 mainly because it has purple pikmin(my favorite pikmin type), but also because of its highly developed story line and the ability to play as the president.  Another thing that sets Pikmin 2 apart from Pikmin1 is multi-player.  My username also comes from a funny thing my friend said during 2 player mode.  He said "It's not fair, you have the marauding red radish pikmin and I have these blue... things" every time I'd raid his onion for the marble.  I havn't played pikmin 2 for a while because it got broken and now I have to borrow my cousin's Pikmin 2(the one mentioned above).  Recently I got New Play Control! Pikmin and it has used most of my free time.

Art Gallery

I am an artist Who specializes in miniature clay models. A lot of my work is inspired by my favorite video games. Pikmin rates pretty high on my list of favorite games so I've made a few pikmin sculptures. Ironicaly pikmin themselves are the only things that I havn't managed to downscale(probably because they are already so small to begin with). All of the images have a quarter for size comparison. My camara is a piece of junk so bear with me.

Blue pikmin onion

TItle: Blue pikmin onion

Media: Crayola Air dry clay, sharpie marker, match sticks.

Comment: I had to use air dry clay because the match sticks wouldn't survive being in a kiln.

White pikmin onion

Title: White pikmin onion

Media: Crayola Air-dry clay, sharpie marker, match sticks.

Comment: Origionaly, this was going to be the yellow pikmin onion but it was slightly smaller than the blue one. It seemed very fitting to make this one the White pikmin onion since white pikmin are also smaller than regular pikmin.

White pikmin

Title: white pikmin

Media: Polymer clay, twist tie wire(internal armature)

Comment: Polymer clay doesn't support itself very well, so to make a pikmin(extremely top-heavy) I had to remove the plastic coating from a twist tie and use the metal inside to internaly suport the sculpture.

Red pikmin

Title: Red Pikmin

Media: polymer clay,twist tie wire(internal armature)

Comment: From this angle you can't realy tell it has a nose, but it does.

Pikmin Group Photo

Title:(from left to right) Redpikmin, Yellow pikmin, Blue pikmin, Purple pikmin, and White pikmin

Media: Crayola Model Magic fusion

Comment: They are not the same pikmin as seen above but are actualy several years older.

Three "5" pellets

Title: Pellets

Media: Polymer clay

Comment: I originaly wanted to make them "1" size pellets but they were too large, so I made them into "5" size pellets and then they were too small.

More artwork comming soon!