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Hello, my name is Robecuba, and you are (obviously) looking at my userpage (no durr)

Personal Info

My age does not matter to you, I am male,and,well thats about it( I can also say I am a brony(which I am) but that does not relate)

Games I own, completion

  • Pikmin 2(Wii version).
    • More than 2000 pikmin sprouted.
    • Challenge mode completed with all pink flowers.
    • All treasures collected.
    • Zero-Death run achieved.
    • 7-Day run achieved. (very hard though, I got in the Dream Den literally when the end of the day timer was saying 0, reason for this is that I could not figure out the correct angle to whistle the blue pikmin from in the awakening wood, then I had to raise them.)