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Welcome to my profile! I would like to greet the Pikmin straight from the Mario Wiki and tell them about myself. As explained, I can also be found on I am known as the same username. I tried logging into the DKwiki and Wikirby but they are somehow broken.

About Me

Physical Appearence in Real Life

I am a 9 year old boy who wears glasses and an assortment of shirts. My favorite color is blue, and second is orange. The day this page was created was when I had a haircut during Augest. When I was younger, I didn't have glasses and instead a watch. My favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.

Game Appearences

I do not appear in Pikmin games. All the games I have planned are listed on my profile for the Mario Wiki.


I am a great gamer that plays games on Nana and Pa's Wii, which I used to own, a 2DS, my dads Computer, a Wii U, and an IPad, which I used to create the page. I am also adventurous.

Games I Own

The only Pikmin game is New Play Control! Pikmin 2. I have it on Nana and Pa's Wii.

Pikmin Tricks

I know a few tricks that can either gain advantage on your foes and to beating one of the games or strike sneak attacks on key enemies or bosses.

General, involving Pikmin

These tricks appear in all or most of the Pikmin games. Note that these tricks have not been tested.

Hit-Me-In-The-Eye Red Bulborb Trick

This trick can only be preformed in Pikmin 3, since it is the only game you can attack a Red Bulborb in the eyes. With any Pikmin, effectively Rock Pikmin, wake up a Red Bulborb. Do not attack any part of the Bulborb's body, instead only attack the eyes. If it is in a pack, defeat the rest of the pack with the same trick. This is usful for any Defeat Enemies! levels with Red Bulborbs.

Scout Pikmin

This can be preformed in any Pikmin game, but is easier in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, since you can swap out Pikmin between leaders.


Using any of the three types of Pikmin, send in a Leaf Pikmin. If the enemy is underwater, use Blue Pikmin. If it is a fiery enemy, send in a Red Pikmin. It is recommended to use 3, but you can use anything lower. This may sacrifice that Pikmin if you don't Whistle it back in time. It is very usful against Bosses or Strong Enemies. Once the target has been reached, Whistle it back quickly before it gets eaten. An alternate way is to Dissmiss all of your Pikmin and whistle the slowest amout possible. Then, using either way, throw in a Pikmin of any type unless it is elemental or in water.

Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3

In Pikmin 2, it is not recommended to use a Purple Pikmin. In Pikmin 3, it is not recommended to use Winged Pikmin. In either game, find another leader and swap out 3 Pikmin of any kind if that leader has no Pikmin. This is also usful with bosses, again, and strong enemies, such as minibosses. Repeat the steps in the first game. You can also do all the steps from the first game and carry them to these.

General, involving Enemy Hordes

These tricks are essential for defeating a group of enemies or starting a last stand. These tricks have not been tested.

Last Stand Avoiding Trick

This is usful for avoiding enemy hordes and groups or killing them before a last stand can be triggered. It is possible in all games in a section of any area where there is lots of enemies. There is 4 ways to do this:

Way 1: Pasifist

To do this, avoid contact with the group or horde completely. DO NOT ENGAGE.

Way 2: Engage

Engage the group with a steady amout of Pikmin. Defeat half of the group before they target you. The Hit-Me-In-The-Eye Red Bulborb Trick is recommended when taking on Red Bulborbs in Pikmin 3. If the remainder of the group targets you, Way 3 will trigger.

Way 3: Retreat

If an entire group targets you durring Way 2, then run away immediately before the group can cause a Pikmin Exctinction. If you defeated the bigger enemies first, start Way 4.

Way 4: Group Termination

If you defeated the bigger enemies before retreating, engage again and take out the remainders. If this is successful, bring all the corpses to one of the Onions. If it is successful underground, bring the Corpses to the drone and cash them out. If not, aboveground and not, continue Way 3 or try Way 4 again.