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                                           A pikmin fanfic by rocky0718

                                     What is going on. 

It has been 47 years since Olimar, Louie, and the President of Hocotate Freight traveled to the planet of pikmin and explored, plundered, and conquered the new terrain of the planet and repaid the co.’s dept and refound Louie with the 6 types of pikmin to help. But that’s the past for the ‘min, as of now, they work for me, and they are now individually smarter, especially my advisors and generals, Solomon, my red pikmin general and advisor, who is sometimes stubborn or lazy when board, he is also eerily accurate with his cunning plans, He helps with weapon and warrior relations. Next, Adam, my blue pikmin general and advisor, who is unusually fast for a blue pikmin but clumsy as well, he can be a little trigger happy and sometimes forgets were he is and his cursing will be censored, he handles tracking and settlement defense, so he’s been put with Solomon and Hextinus. After Adam, Odin, my yellow pikmin advisor and general, is a bit of a crazy, he loves to tinker and ‘asplode things, and he works with Splee, so I put him in charge of weapon design and, well, ‘asploding things ether for demolition or just for the hell’ov it. Splee, my white pikmin general and advisor, is usually experimenting or tinkering with Odin and can translate anything, so I put him in charge of medicine, mining, and speed retrieval. My green pikmin general and advisor, Lloyd, is a bulbmin that has not taken a host, he is usually on his own, making sure things are running smoothly. And last, but not least, Hextinus, my purple pikmin general and advisor, is extremely loyal and thinks fast in an emergency, he is in charge of settlement setup, large-scale retrieval, and hand-to-hand (or stem-to-tooth, in some cases) combat.

As for myself, I watch over an army of nearly 100,000 and am only 13 years old, human, and one of the last ones alive aside from my team (no Solomon, Adam, Hextinus, Odin, and Splee are my pikmin team, I’m talking about other humans.) who are Peter, Jake, Derek, Saben, Rosie, Lizzie, Noah, Megan, Justin, and Britney. We were all once recruits in a pikmin domestic fighting training centre and it was destroyed by unknown assailant’s whale we were on a mission as most others were hocotatians and the final few of the human race who evolved to hocotatians size in the last 300 years. Since that disaster happened 6 years ago, Hocotate has stopped sending their kind to earth, so we had none of them to help. I am the youngest by a few months, except one of my cousin, Peter, who is a week younger than me, and I go by Nic, it’s pronounced like nick. These are real people and my friends. All our families were killed in the disaster, and we want revenge, lots of it.

The past 6 years we only have been developing weapons, building them, and taking on unfathomable amounts of small game enemies and a lot big game bosses to build our ‘min army. Our mission so far is to try to find any other survivors, continue to build our army, and try to survive. All our ships are in good repair and were are researching the onions to try to build white and purple onions or find ones.

The oldest person in our group is my other cousin, Lizzie, who is 15, second oldest is Noah at 14, the rest of us are 13. Also throughout the story the 4th wall will sometimes go away. My human team: Peter is the more athletic of the two of us and can be skeptical and is the only guy other than Saben that I would trust to take on an enemy in another region with pikmin, and then Saben is my best long range fighter and helps me with development of environmental defenses. Jake is the largest of the team and has taken down more enemies on his own than even Noah, but has translated the bulborb language through torture of mostly dwarfs and a few larger ones and taught it to all who would listen, he is one of the 3 qualified to take on nearly all enemies alone, without pikmin or weapons. Noah is the second of the 3 qualified to take on enemies alone and can be somewhat more intimidating than Jake. And last on the strength list is Derek and is always in a not that good of a mood. Out of everyone, I’ve known Justin the longest (minus Lizzie and Peter) and takes to weapons almost as readily as Saben, only he prefers rapid-fire over snipers, he is also the, bizarrely, most religious of the group. The person out of the girls that I would trust most to take care of something while I’m gone is Lizzie, my cousin and is the most, ironically, pacifistic out of nearly everyone. Second person to field something without me is Rosie, who is one of my best friends and we were thick-as-thieves the day we met. Britney and Meagan work together often and well together and are usually in the awaking wood when they can be. We are based in the caves of the wistful wild and all of the awaking wood. These people, pikmin, and goals are what I fight for to defend and achieve.

It has been so long and we’ve been in so many battles to work our ranks into larger numbers that we’ve all lost the memory of our last names but we are trying to build a land route to the snagrets ridge in awakening wood from the yield basin in the wistful wild in between which is the ruins of our training center and quite possibly records of us and our families, possibly weapons, and maybe even survivors. The main reason that we don’t make contact with Hocotate is because we can’t breathe their air and they think of us to be extinct, along with; we don’t have directions or space suits. Since the disaster, the Valley of Repose, Perplexing Pool, Impact Site, Forest of Hope, Forest Naval, Distant Spring, and the Final Trial have become over run by enemies. In closing of this prolog of my story, I’m gonna tell you about myself, I was 3 when I joined the center and 5 when I went on my first mission. Solomon and I have known each other even before the recruitment and we’ve saved each others hides more than once. I’m not going to go into family matters in this chapter at all. Lastly, this story will be told from my (Nic’s) POV.

                                  Chapter 1: regular days
                                Road to wistful awakings

“Well, time for the usual. Time to get up, everybody!” I said. The humans that were with me, Derek, Peter, and Rosie, woke groggily from their respective ships along with their 6 pikmin generals each. I had just finished cooking breakfast and everyone came over to the tables, 4 humans and 600 pikmin. “Good morning.” I said

“’Morning…” Derek said, “What do we have left to eat.”

“You’ll love this, last night I found a hairy bulborb by itself, and I literally just finished cooking it!” I told Derek.

If Derek wasn’t so sleepy, he probably would have given me a hug. “Are you serious!?!” He asked. I just nodded. “You’re the best.” He told me. “I know. Rosie, for you, it took me most of the midnight hours to find it, but you have a Wollywog on the table.” She hugged me, “Arigato.” “You’re welcome. Peter, you have 3, count ‘em, 3 dwarf spotty bulbears.” I said. He gave me a low-five, “Awesome!”

I had some of the bulborb stakes and the pikmin were content with the pellet poise rations I set out. Scratch that, Hextinus and Solomon did have a few pieces of the steaks, which was only fair, seeing as they helped catch them.

After breakfast, I took an hour nap, like normal, before I went to work, because I am awake all night catching and cooking food with Splee, Hextinus, and Solomon. Also, I take one before another hunting trip.

After Odin awoke me after my nap, I helped clear the road by chopping trees and laying stones from the mining operations that could be salvaged and refined. Peter was on defense and scouting for food and danger. Derek was delivering stone and taking trees back to the wistful wild. Rosie was replenishing our stock of herbs and spices for food. I fell asleep soon after the ‘min start to work, and no one bothered to wake me until sundown.

It was Adam who woke me and the 3 ‘min who were coming with. “Right, Hextinus, Solomon, Splee, get ready to go.” I told them while I grabbed my P.I. 3000 (electric net pistol) and E.X.P.I. 7 (electric Uber-sword). Rosie gave me a hug goodbye, “Be careful, buddy.” Peter told me. I raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t I always?” I chuckled back. “Hey, he’s serious, we need you. Don’t take on anything like a Man-at-Legs.” Derek told me. “Don’t worry, I won’t” I said as I jumped on the flat of the blade and sped off. Solomon, Hextinus, and Splee shrugged at the others. Solomon simply said, “See you in the morning,” and got on his P.E.V. 6 (fire extreme gear board) and followed. Hextinus said, “’Bye,” and got on his P.E.V. 10 (explosives extreme gear board). Splee only got on his P.E.V. 7 (poison extreme gear board) and left.

We were coming upon a group of 3 Red bulborbs and 9 dwarf red bulborb, so we dismounted our transits. “All right, I’ll take down the dwarfs; you guys take down the big guys. Remember, watch eachothers backs.” I said to my min. Splee and Solomon charged with there swords and Hextinus aimed with his E.X.P.I. 2 (explosive rifle) in sniper mode. I aimed my P.I. 3000 at the cluster of dwarfs and fired, killing them all. One of the bulborbs noticed this and lunged at Solomon and Splee, Hextinus saw this after the 2 pikmin used their boards’ jury function as shields. He took aim and killed the bulborb. In the explosion, Solomon’s sword flew out of his hand and speared the 2nd red bulborb and took it down. I fired a second shot to take down the last bulborb that was trying to flee. Splee blinked and said, “What the… What just happened?” “…That.” Solomon said.

Shortly after we gathered the bodies, Hextinus said, “Ha Ha! I PWN JOO ALL, n00bs!!!1!11! W00t!” after we herd an explosion behind us. “Do I want to know?” I asked Solomon. “Looks like we have 7 more bodies.” He told me. “Of?” I asked. “Water dumples.” “(Sigh) fine, lets get them.” I said to Splee and Solomon.

On the way back, I herd the sound of flesh and metal whirring and stomping around, but it was too large to be a man-at-legs, so I veered to see what it was. It was a Beady long-leg with armor and 4 PWN-tacular man-at-legs guns. I found this a good time to use my E.X.P.I. 3 (electro rifle), so I aimed a sniper shot at one of the exhaust pipes on the top of the carrier orb, and killed it. The body of the beast exploded and the armor fell with the guns. We split up the armor and guns were divided amongst our loads and we were back at camp in ample time to prepare breakfast and wake Odin to take a look at the armor.

Not to my surprise, Adam was also awake, guarding the tents with his regimen of 40 reds, 55 blues, and 20 purple pikmin and he was board out of his mind by the time we got back. “Hello, min.” I said to most of the sleeping pikmin, who woke and jumped at the sound of my voice. “Sir, yes sir!” the groggy voices burped out of all but 7 purples that were still out cold. “At ease. Now get some sleep, all of you, were safe tonight.” I told them, “except you, Adam, I’m gonna need you for about a half hour or so…” “Aye, cap’n.” he responded. “Good, now go wake up Odin, we’ve found something I think you’ll like.”

“Oohh…” “Ahhh…” I was right; they liked the armor and guns. “Well, well, well, looks like the same metal from your ships… uhhh… what it is called… forget it.” Odin said after about 20 minutes. “And these PWNtastic guns have to have a mount to fit anywhere…” Adam said shortly after. “Well good, Rosie and I are headed back to the wistful wild tomorrow after the halfway party, we can take this stuff back and have it used or stored.” I said, “Hey Splee, do you think that that needs more lime?” “Yea, ‘bout 3 and ½ ounces should do it.” “Thanks, keep those dumples under for another 4 minutes and when we get back to the caves, could you give me something to sleep for about 3 days?” “Roger.”

By morning, I felt like I had been hit with a hammer. “Time to get up, everybody!” I shouted. The people came out of their ships, and after 5 minutes of scrambling, we were all eating. Then, I told them what happened last night. “You, what!?!” Derek asked. “I killed a beady long legs with this amour and 4 Man at legs guns. Bring them out, Hextinus.” He and a small troop of 5 purple pikmin took out the remnants of the strange arachnorb. “O.K. but you were told not to take on a man at legs, but you took on 4! You’re lucky to be here. If our parents were still alive, they would…” “They would what, Derek?” “Arug, forget it.” I sighed to myself; he always got like that when I bring back something big. We continued with the meal, and then started to party.

“Everybody likes kung fu fightinnnnnnnn’, WHACHA, its fast as lightinnnnnnnin’, HUCHO, it’s a little bit frightnnnnnnnnnin’!” came from the martial arts show that the red and blue pikmin were putting on. “Domo origato, mister roboto, domo, domo. Do the robot, do the robot.” The yellow dance off rang. And the purple and white pikmin were just watching ether, or getting the supplies ready for the journey back. After some classic carnival games set up by the green pikmin, some private dancing with Rosie, and a quick kiss, I was exhausted. The Ontos trailers were ready to go. I was going to take a P.E.V. 9, but when I mounted the E.G. board, I collapsed.

I woke up in one of the Ontos trailers, with an I.V. in my arm and a gas mask over my face. Rosie was with me, along with her team and mine, Splee and his subordinates were looking at a bunch of charts and readouts about my health. I didn’t have time for the mumbo-jumbo about what was going on, I wanted to know exactly what did this to me. “Lookin’ good, Nic.” Solomon snickered. “What are you talking about…?” I started, and then I realized I had only had bandages in place of my shirt, and I forgot to tell Rosie about the new scar from 3 nights ago… she didn’t like when I got hurt and didn’t tell her. I blushed and said, “Uhh, Splee, why am I not wearing a shirt?” “Because, we needed to check for anything that could have been hurt…” “Okay, so whats up doc?” “Well, your exhausted. And you could use that chill pill soon. Plus you have 3 broken ribs and a broken arm.” “You numbed me, so which arm?” “Your right arm.” I looked at the arm with the I.V. in it, and sighed. “K, do you have said chill pill?” he put something green and powdery into my I.V. bag. “That answer your question?” “Yup, g’night…” I said dreamily. Then I was out cold.

                      Chapter 2: Connection.
                       New min and humans.

I woke up a week later, right next to Rosie in the caves. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that our lips were less than an inch from each others. Then she woke up, “Good morning.” “’Morning, Rosie.” Then I tried to get up, but then my ribs got a sharp pain. I laid back down. “My ribs are still broken, aren’t they?” “Yes, but your arm is good as new.” She was right, so I couldn’t complain. “I have a surprise for you…” “Yea, what?” “Lizzy, Justin, Peter, and Derek found another human group, with new pikmin colors, plus purple, white, and green onions!” “Am I still asleep? What new colors?” “Orange, Brown, Grey, Black, and Cyan.” “What do they do? And do they all have onions?” “Orange pikmin are smarter than normal pikmin, even ours. Brown pikmin can build anything, these two get along well. Grey are Ninja like and Samurai like. Black can shape shift. And Cyan pikmin are Ice resistant. They all have onions, too.” “Than get me a wheel chair, and let me see there leader!” “No need.”

They were already here. The leaders name was David. “What happened to you?” I asked Peter. “One of the samurai jumped me as we came into the camp… he broke my leg.” “I can see that.” He was on crutches, and I saw a pair of grey pikmin following him. “Is this the one? ...or two?” “a samurai grey takes a Ninja grey pikmin as apprentice. So yea.” “Why are they following you?” “There obsessed with honor, so they are following me in repentance or something until they can repay me for this.” “… ok, where’s Dave?” “Behind you. And I Prefer David.” “Oh, shoot, hi. I’m Nic, and I lead this team. And I was literally just informed about you. What is the size of your army?” “103,400. I’ve taken the liberty of selecting your generals from my ranks. Meet Socrates, Wright, Frank, Des Denel, Lao Tzu, Sao feng, and Christopher.” “Wait, why is Des Denel a toadmin, and more importantly, why is he not attacking us?” I asked. “Orange pikmin can control them.” David told me. “Good, have you introduced them to my team yet?” “Yes.” Solomon came into the room, arm over the shoulder of Socrates, as if they had been friends for years. “Well, okay then.”

Later, I am in the Medical Sublevel of the caves, getting my ribs checked. Many orange and white pikmin are bustling around, mostly getting used to each other. I was lying on a table, with an O2 mask on, and the pikmin doctors checking my various wounds. “The powder worked?” Splee said. “Yes, mostly. My ribs are still goofed up, but my arm is fine. Also, what was Rosie doing in my room with me like that?” “She was worried…” “…And…” “…And she wanted to feel your heartbeat, alright. She thought it would be romantic.” “She was there all week?” “No, but she was there every night.” “She was so close to me…” “Yea, well stop thinking about it, your heart rate is going up.” “Shut up.” I said. “Sorry.”