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My Page

Pikmin = Awesome

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Box art of New Play Control! Pikmin.
Im so glad this was released. Awesome game!!

Best Website Ever

About Me

Pikmin 2 is my favorite game in the sieres.

I like hiphop music.

My favorite color pikmin is Blue

Artwork of a leaf-tip Blue Pikmin from Pikmin 2.
Blue Pikmin

My favorite treasures Five-man Napsack , Quenching Emblem

I enjoy editing Pikipedia :)

My favorite game Banjo Tooie
A Red Pikmin, a Yellow Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin climb up a climbing stick.
Where "Amazing" things happen

My favorite Sport Teams: AZ Cardinals, Phx Suns.

Pikmin 3 ideas

Pikmin Kart Wii needs to be made.

In pikmin 3 there should be an online multiplayer feature.