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Hello! I am 13, in the 8th Grade now, and I had an I.Q of 152 when I was 7-8, I don't think well though. Can't get the point across most of the time. Mild dyselxia, have to use word check on computers, and need to constantly revise my work. I am immature, but when it comes down to fights, and arguements, I handle it okay, mostly. Abuses commas, like this. Edits are a hit-or-miss depending on some memory. Slacks off in school, but still gets homework done at the last minute, usually in a scramble between periods. Writes in print, since it is faster. Even though I sometimes slack tests, I still pass with a minimum of a B. Only gets A's if interested to study. I'm the type of person that only learns if interested in it. Not a fast learner. I do have some short term memory loss, but I can remember facts really well. In the nation, 57th best in the old U.S in Math, one of 100 people to go to the Missouri Geography Bee, but I muked up. Horrible at arts and crafts, learned one instrument, the Trombone for 2 years. Not good with computers, but I am okay fast at the track. Moderatly myopic, or nearsightedness. I'm pure Malay-Taiwanese, no drop of American blood. Super-high metabolism, doesn't eat often, because of that I only weigh about 88 pounds. I like not doing homework, running, sometimes math, and sleeping. I don't like homework, the heat, and school. Birthday: December 31, 1996 10:22 PM CST. Funny Muffler.

I.M Bored

U.R Done

~Sand~Flyer~83,(Talk, [[User blog:Sandflyer83|Blog)]]101.jpg102.gif103.png 12:30, July 17, 2010 (UTC)