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 " W o n ' t   s o m e b o d y   { h e l p }   m e . . ?

     A s   I ' m   s l o w y   l o s i n g   y o u . . .

            W h e r e d i d t i m e g o ? "

                                                                                    S i n ' s U s e r P a g e


H e l l o ,   f o r   I   a m   C a s s . . .

                                    And I am female(:

               My favorite pikmin is the white, they're cute. (And deadly!)

               For I want Pikmin 3 to come out badly, I would kill for it.

        My dream is to own a Pikmin site that showcases new ideas for the games.

                          (However that won't happen, ¬¬)

                Ever since I was young I was obsessed with Pikmin.

     (Must I mention I've been waiting for Pikmin 3 since what... '07? '06? '05?)

             I contibuted my ideas to the "MAKE PIKMIN 3!!!" on YouTube.

           I have recently fallen to this Wiki community, and plan to stay.

                                                        I l i k e y o u , b u t n o t y o u . . .


I   l o v e . . .

 My dearest-♥-








 Black Rock Shooter-♥-



I   h a t e . . .







 The letter 'W'-x-



F o r   I   a m   o b s e s s e d . . .

 Lugia's Song Remix (No-Drum Version)→[1]

 Art of Okami→[2]






 { T e e h e e ! }

                                                             F o r i f y o u p l a y n i c e l y ,


T a l k   m e   u p .

 AIM - ToOnToWn ToOn

 YouTube - PurifyingHate

 Grand Fantasia - LoneRaven ( S i r o p a s ! )

 Toontown - Hulamonkey, Loopy Lizard, Loopy Fireball, etc.

 MSN -

 Maplestory - AbusedPower (idontrememeberthisonesad)

 iCPv3 - Luka

 Soul Master - Kurami

 WolfQuest - Duskehh

 Roblox - MeowMixXD

                                                                               G o o d b y e ,   n o w . . !