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Hey everyone, I'm Sir Pikmin and I run Pikcanon-NOT. I'm also an admin and bureaucrat on this wiki, so I can help with anything you need.


Hello fellow Pikmin fans. Recently I have created a website and it needs some more members. If you would like to help out, head on over to Fallen Angel Games and create an account. It's free and really helps me out.

Certain...edits and quotes

  • Rocket fish...yay.
  • Hee hee.
  • Talking is only reserved for the stupid.
  • A created page. And then this...
  • The President is a Zombie!
  • Stupidity has a name
  • Space Pwn
  • I didn't know it went that high...
  • So very true
  • I'm on a Kraid
  • Fire Ant, is it a species of Ant or a species of Brown Bear? After all, Fire Ants are the same color as Brown Bears! --Yoshord on the Orange Creeping Chrysanthemum
  • Olimar was going to sell Louie for 10 Pokos! Friends do not sell their friends for 10 Pokos! - YoshiLord06
  • the starving chef louie was trying to kill the TD by trying to squish him with his own body weight, after about 5 days louie fell asleep while TD slowly got annoyed... - skyfy9
  • Calcabrina: *static* Hello players, I would like to play a game. *goes into a long drawn out lecture on how we are pathetic human beings who don't have a life and how we must destroy our thumbs to redeem ourselves or die a horrible death by crushing us under a PS3*-Beonix577
  • When Snake sees a "!" over someone's head, he runs and hides.When the Pokemon Trainer sees a "!", he beats them up and takes their money.
  • "They need to make a wind up tin ExDeath toy that waddles around in a circle saying Muahahaha VOID then falls over" --Devilman_Amom
  • "We've been EMP'd! How the hell am i using the radio?!"' - Unknown
  • "Realism: Soldier gets 25 kills without dying, calls up president Obama and asks for a nuke. Big O says sure thing." -- AlkalineLoner
  • "Kaepora Gaebora. Or, according to Firefox spellchecker, he's Spaceport Gazebo." - Blackest_Knight

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