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I am solar flute, from many other gaming wikis, mostly nintendo's. I currently own pikmin.

Ideas for pikmin

  • Green: have tails. when they carry pellets, they always give out the maximum amount. Can heal candypop buds and makes pellet posies grow faster. Have light blue leafs/flowers and emerald candypop buds.
  • Orange: there stem splits in two at the middle. Can carry bomb rocks and are immune to explosions. Explode when eaten or smashed. Has light blue leafs/flowers, amber candypop buds, and an onion. they carryign power is two instead of one.
  • Silver: have fur, immune to Ice and slick surfaces. When trampled, the enemy that stepped on it trips. when eaten, it slows down the enemy. have grey candypop buds, orange leafs/flowers, and an onion. slight slower than most pikmin.
  • Pink: have wings. When thrown they don't go high, but can glide far. Extremely weak to wind. Have rose candypop buds and orange leafs.
  • cyan: can create light at will. There leafs/buds/flowers are always glowing. Can pass through fog. have orange leafs/flowers and turquoise candypop buds.

Ideas for enemies

  • Thunderbugs: a firefly.harmless, unless attacked on the tail. The tail is electrical, zapping non-yellow pikmin instantly.
  • Scorpiax- A scorpion. It's tail can be immobilized by throwing purple pikmin on it.
  • dracofly- a dragonfly. If pikmin are on it, it will flip over and fly closely to the water drowning or any pikmin on the pikmin.


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