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Hello there!

Bosses by difficulty


Not enought bosses to choose from

Pikmin 2

12. Giant breadbug (Is that even a boss?)

11. Ranging Bloyster (Joke)

10. Empress Bulblax

9. Raging long legs

8. Beady long legs

7. Emperor Bulblax

6. Burrowing Snagret

5. Titan Dweevil

4. Segmented Crawbster

3. Man at legs

2. Pileated Snagret (I lose 20 pikmin everytime)

1. Waterwraith (he just scares me off, doesn't kill a lot of pikmin, but killed Olimar)

Pikmin 3

9. Bug-Eyed Crawmad

8. Burrowing Snagret

7. Scornet Maestro

6. Vehemoth Phosbat

5. Armored Mawdaw

4. Sandbleeching Meerslug

3. Shaggy long legs

2. Plasm Wraith (Easy with rocks)

1. Quaggled mireclops

Order of caves I did

Emergence cave (of course!)

Hole of Beasts (to get more purples and the prototype detector)

White flower garden

Citadel of spiders

Snagret hole (Even if it is likely the last one to visit in the awakening wood, I recommand going there to get the justice alloy because the forged courage is useless there. Also to get it out of the way.)

Bulblax Kingdom (Easy after getting the Snagret powerup)

Subterranean complex (To never fear the dark ever again!)

Frontier Cavern (Paid the dept here)

Glutton's kitchen (Easy, except sublevel 4)

Shower room (best looking dungeon, worst looking boss)

Submerged castle (I fear this cave, it is the hardest one in my opinion, but the reward for beating it is really worth it)

Cavern of Chaos

Hole of Heroes

Dream Den (second hardest cave)

Favorite Pikmin types

8. Winged pikmin (I hate them because I do)

7. Rock pikmin (They always do all kinds of crap, worst AI ever)

6. Purple pikmin (They are very usefull, but they are so slow that they are annoying)

5. White pikmin (idk)

4. Bulbmin (Nothing special, but I like their desing)

3. Blue Pikmin

2. Red pikmin

1. Yellow pikmin (cutest)

I don't know what else to put.