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About me

Hi! I'm a french boy who like pikmin. My favourite sort of pikmin is the purple one, because they are SO puissant!!          I ever play pikmin 1 and 2, but I prefer Pikmin 2.

My favorite pages


My progress

Here's my progress in Pikmin 1 :

My Pikmin 1 Stats
Captain Olimar P2 clay art.png
Story Mode Stats
Days I finish the adventure in 27 Days
Parts I have 30 Parts
Red Pikmin 84 Of pikmins alives were red
Yellow Pikmin 83 Of pikmins alives were yellow
Blue Pikmin 82 Of pikmins alives were yellow
Total Pikmin Alive At the end of the adventure, 249 Pikmins were alives
Total Pikmin Sprouted In the adventure, I sprout 1201 pikmins
Total Pikmin Deaths In the adventure, I lose 952 pikmins...

Here's my progress in Pikmin 2: