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About me

Hi, i'm TeriffiedToxic. I'm a new guy here to this wiki and I wish to help this wiki. I am also a admin on Quake wiki. That is currently my main wiki and anyone is welcome to go over and help at any time. I have been known to help in the programming area of work. On my wiki I specialise in Programming but after seeing this wiki I can easily see i've only got the basics. I do wish to learn more I want to know how to do gradients. So if anyone knows give me a bell. Thanks.

The Area of Games

I do admit I like games. I don't likw them too much but I like them. My area usually includes mainly FPS but I do oncasionally go to platforms.


I've been admin for at least a year now and I have a job to do. My job is too keep an eye on templates, design and what not. All the colours/colors, logos and other wiki related images I have made myself. I also control the polls and the monaco. My co-worker Raadec is also an admin there and he will answer questions about the infomation on the wiki. I answer questions related to other stuff. I have actually played some of the quake games so check them out below. My favourite game is quake 3 as have always loved the tournament setting.

Dead Frontier

I did not acually know about DF until on my first attempt at wiki editing, the admin Crynsos himself helped me sort out my Templates and Logo. I thanked him for his work and said to check out his wiki for ideas. I came over and imediatally liked his design. Although at the time I did not go on DF I took some ideas.

A couple of months later, after my adoption of Quake wiki, I came back to DF wiki and saw the massive improvements to the wiki. I decided to check out what Crynsos had told my to try a while ago. Ever since I tried DF I have always been hooked. I came, I saw, I played. I decided a Soldier was the one for me and I had difficulty choosing a proficienciy to sitck to. Now I have go Melee, MG and SG. A month later I stopped playing for a while due to exams. Now i'm back on and ready to play.


At first I conciderded doing my own clan but I realised I needed to be 25. Until then I joined The Survivor Assistence Squad(SAS). I became part of a squad and enjoyed myself. Unfortually, our lead3r left and the Clan disbanded. For a while I tried to find a clan I now I have. I am now a iniate in Zombie Extermination Corp (Z.E.C). As it turns out the clan has deleted everyone so I can't be arsed anymore with it. I'm open for any clan that will aceppt me.

Dead frontier info

Username: TeriffiedToxic

Profession: Soldier

Favourtie Noticeboard Mission: Extermination Missions

Current Level: 18

Current Armor: Zylon Vest

Old Weapons: FM P90, Iron Bar, Basic shotgun)

Time usually online: 6pm-9pm-Timezone: 0 Greenwich time.

Old Favourite weapon/s: Beta RX4, Mini 14, MP5 and Ruger Mini 14

Other work

If you would like to see more of my work you can visit my other two wikis.

Quake Wiki

Quake live wiki

As you can see I spend alot of my time attached to The World Of Quake.