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About Me

My friends call me Danosaurus, but usually make it short by saying Dano.

I am a big fan of Pikmin since I saw the trailer in 'Luigi´s Mansion. I love to draw almost about anything that comes to my mind, including Pikmin. I also write songs (usually Pop, Electronic, or Acoustic) and make creepypasta-like horror stories (usually not scary enough, but sometimes they are) and include them in a book I am writing. I´m gonna write six of these books. It´s gonna take me a long time, since I still haven´t finished the first one (not even in the half!) and the pages are GIANT; but I am receiving help from a friend who also creates and it´s writing horror stories (usually kinda gore or "bloody").

I am also interested in making videogames with the stories I´m making including a SCP Foundation-based... well... Foundation. I enjoy imaginating exotic creatures I would love, be in the Pikmin games, some of which I have drawn.

I´m usually shy about drawing in public or sharing my stories, ideas, etc. with people, including my friends (which usually misunderstand certain parts..., hope you get it).

To learn more, read below (rhyming..., YAY).

Life Riddle

The book I'm writing is mostly mystery or suspense and horror.

The whole story consists of six books, the first four consisting of seven stories or chapters, the fith consisting of all the first 28 plus other seven, and the sixth consisting of the first 7 ("Creepypastas-like):

  1. Life Riddle
  2. Life Riddle: Afterlife
  3. Life Riddle: Dreams and Memories
  4. Life Riddle: Secrets About the Afterworld
  5. Life Riddle: Anniversary
  6. Life Riddle: Key to the Unknown


K: the main character of the first four books. Its name is never to be revealed, it, being hidden in all of the books (maybe only the first). He is usually calm and shy. He is in love with Alice, her friend. He is being witness of all the paranormal beings in the all of the books. His best friend, Patrick, (whom he cares of because he consumes alcohol and then dies after a car-crash accident) is very dear to him but Patrick firstly thought him insane and couldn't believe his first ghost sighting. K, at the end of the first book, suicides after hanging himself for him wanting to be with Alice (where he then tells she loves her) who dies after being murdered by an unknown person.

His other friends, Tony and John usually support him and barely believe his ghost sightings

K also appears as a ghost in the Life Riddle: Anniversary serving as help for ??? (call him Kent) telling him what he knows about the paranormal beings. K could not return to the Afterworld by an unknown reason (discovered when finding all the letters of his name as a secret ending IF THERE WAS A GAME (would be cool)).

Alice: K's love. She's very calm and takes serious moments easily. She accidentally gave K a "possesed" book which then brings up Tom who tried to attack him. She likes K only as a friend and never had the idea he would have been in love with her. She felt a sudden sadness in Life Riddle: Dreams and Memories after remembering her lost brother, Leonard (who left himself being eaten by a crow and then turned giant mutant crow, but at the end finds him and turns it into his normal form) ; K starts to suspect but takes more attention to another "himself as a kid" that appeared suddenly. Alice has a passion for watching birds, her favorite being the eagle; while her brother, the crows.

Patrick: K's best friend

The Psycho

A creepy story I invented.

Markus and Payton are two dear friends, everyone thinking them weird because of them comunicating by signs, this being because of Payton being deaf-mute. Both of their parents are at a point it seems they soon are going to divorce (finally happening).

Markus, after not knowing anything about Payton for ten years (now at age 21), decides to go to his friend´s house, only finding her mom and finding out she already divorced ten years ago and the same day Payton disappeared. She then goes to another country to live in a relatives house.

The Psycho (v.2)

Another version of the story which happens before the first.


I didn't really thought of it, but it happended.

I just remember I was in the car, but feeling sleepy wasn`t normal.


Will talk later about this story.

Forbidden Zone

Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.

Among The River

Will talk later about this story.

John, Mike, Steve, and Alice

Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.


I don't know... it's just an obsession but, how dangerous can parkour be?

I'm one of those lone guys who spend hours and hours doing just parkour, and one of another scar, sometimes. I do have friends but to them I'm different, and that's what makes me unique for them. I go out to any place seeming interesting to explore and spend hours parkouing till' my legs get sore. As I come to find my friends:

- Sup' dude?, Any new?, a language only we understand.

- Great, the same.

The Best Graduation Party Ever

Will talk later about this story.

17/09/89 03:07

Will talk later about this story.

Enemy Unknown

Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.

Cold Blooded

Will talk later about this story.


Will talk later about this story.

Pitch Black

Will talk later about this story.

Still Alive

Will talk later about this story.

Way Home

Day #01:

Who has not ever felt that feeling of homesickness...

I never did... until now...

It had been a very strange morning, yet normal since it's been years almost after that happened... shouldn't have recalled it. Crackling windows, screeching doors, the soft wind breeze, it was the same every day and the silence gave it a bit of mystery, yet I had a feeling I couldn't explain. It made me feel different even though I wasn´t. My answer came out after I went to sleep and saw kind of mount or hill... no, I was standing on it. Everywhere I turned to see I always saw the same... nothing for at least the grass that didn't move at all. As anybody would, I gave a yell, strangely making a echo. Seconds past I felt completely lost and felt my blood colden after I heard it...

"Is it you?..."

Day #02:

Woke up suddenly, washed up in sweat.

I felt the need of telling someone about this, yet I couldn't, no friends or heighbors across the whole street. It was horrible.

I tried to forget it, but I couldn't. I instead tried to understand what I heard that night...

"Is it you?...", What would be me?, who was it?

Again went to sleep, and again that hill stood there. Yelled again, echoed again. This time, the silence took longer. As I turned out...

"It is you..."

Day #03:

Woke up.

Stunned, I got in mind it. Ever before I woke up, I remember I saw somebody.


Will talk later about this story.

No, Don't...

Will talk later about this story.

REC.exe: Access Denied

Will talk later about this story.


"Our mind is what guides our bodies,

when we lose it, our tracks go down,

our bridges burn out,

and we become completely lost"


I have no idea of how did I got here, and all I can tell is that I am just here. Yet, being here makes me feel uncomfortable. Like a man suddenly living on the other side of the world, somebody different among normal people.

Even though I haven't seen anything yet, I'm like caught up in some kind of cell, everyday I see dark. I just hear people talking in some kind of street language: "Hey dude", "Wa 'sup?", sort of things like that. And screams of people like been tortured have gone making me insane. Now I'm scared to go to the "outer world".

First Day

"We wake, eat, and sleep every day,

and soon or later we get to it.

But if we don't, the problems appear,

and we slowly begin to die..."

I was just sitting beside a wall when this guy came up slamming the rusty, metal door to the wall and the first thing i did was to cover my eyes.

- Yeah, it happens all the time. So much days in the dark makes you like a mole. Follow me.

I didn't ask anything at all. I stood up slowly, still covering my eyes.

- Ya tired?, don't be such a... you slept for days, c'mon.

Introduction to "Long Novels"

Long Novels are very long stories, (or at least for me) they don't have any horror or sort of things like that, (at least suspense or mystery) and are suposed to have unexpected endings.

P.S.: The Psycho (v.2) is supposed to be considered a long novel (yet it is not), since is my longest horror story for now.

Opened Window

Dragon Tales

Project S.K.Y.