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Hello! I am a fellow Pikmin fan... but you probably already knew that. I have always loved pikmin, and pikmin 2 is my favorite game of all time. I have played Pikmin for the gamecube 100%, Pikmin for the Wii 100%, pikmin 2 for the Wii 100%, and Pikmin 3. Although I don't own Pikmin 2 for the Gamecube. Thanks for stopping by! Also, Follow me on Miiverse! My username is "B-bo 3.0" I'll be posting pictures of my game so come on by!


Favorite Pikmin: Winged Pikmin

Least Favorite Pikmin: Leaf Purple Pikmin

Favorite Enemy: Burrowing Snagret and 


Honerable Mention: Pluckering Blinnows (I HATE THESE GUYS)

Favorite Pikmin 2 Treasure: Silencer

Favorite Pikmin 2 Cave: Cavern of Chaos

Least Favorite Pikmin 2 Cave: Submerg- oh wait, you know...

Favorite Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode Level: Cryptic Cavern

Least Favorite Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode Level: SECRET TESTING RAGE!!!!!

Favorite Bingo Battle Stage: Corroded Maze

Favorite Mission Mode Levels: Clockwork Cavern

Other than Pikmin my favorite franchises include Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Basically anthing Nintendo. 


Every Pikmin fan has ideas for a new pikmin game, but i'm kind of dry. I'll have more later...if I think about it. 

Story: After the intrepid explorers complete their mission, the residents of Koppai, were delighted to hear the storys told of the wonderful place called PNF-404. So much, in fact, that the president of Koppai ordered an expencive trip to the place, with all you can eat fruit buffets, awesome senery, and wonderous wildlife. After Alph declined the offer, three captains, Xavier, Jen, and Mike, offer to lead a group of 22 tourists to the planet, including the president.

However, this victory was not short lived. Just as they were about to land, a metor hit the spaceship so hard, that all the tourists, and the main engine, are sent hurtling into the planet! Objective: Collect the tourists, fruit, and the main engine! 

Food Names: In this game you collect food to servive, so it's not just limited to fruit. Each food gives a certain amount of servings. You need 1 serving per captain per day. 

Sunseed Berry: Making its rightful return! Stawberry, 2 servings. Xavier's taste Log: Sweet with a mild flavor, almost like a summer breeze. It's ironic that I found it in a snowy area, since it's such a delightful fruit. Maybe its hinting that the mountain was originaly warmer. Whatever happened, it's delicious!

Succulent Spore: New food! Garden mushsroom, 2 servings. Xavier's taste log: Very bland with a distant taste of earth. The vegitarian type might like it, but not me.

Flaming food: New food! Small chille pepper, 2 servings. Xavier's taste log: Spicy! Once you take a bite your mouth wells up with firery taste. Only for the adventuring spirit! Mike might like it.

Dusk Pustules: Making its rightful return! Purble grapes, 3 servings. Xavier's taste log: Delicious! A perfect mix of sweet and sour. The only bad thing about this delectible snack is the color, making it look like a girls treat.

Horde Gourd: New food! Pumpkin, 4 servings. Jen's taste log: My first taste of food on this planet! Hmmm... Let's see. A nice seasonal flavor that just makes you want to square dance! A taste of the harvest! Mmmm, Delicious!!


Faraway Mountain

Summary: A winter version of The forest of hope. The place where you land in Pikmin 2 is covered in water and is where you find the Blue Pikmin. 

Tourists: 7

Pikmin Found: Red, Blue.

Mini-Boss: (Smoky Progg)

Boss: Aquamarium Spouter (see new enemys)

Interesting things: The spot where Xavier crash-lands is covered in ice. If you come back with purple pikmin, the ice will shatter revealing a cave. Inside this cave is the boss.

Blooming Meadow

Summary: A cheerful Spring area. It is a circilish area revolving around a hill with a stump on it. A small stream runs through the area. There is a side area in the forest that includes the mini-boss.

Pikmin Found: Purple, Rock

Boss: Areo-Nited Incectoid (see new enemys)

Mini-Boss (Ground-Slurking Meerwyrm)

Interesting things: If you look around the stump with the camera, you should see a heart with the words TPP loves P, which means ThePinkPikmin loves Pikmin. A little easter egg.

Dry Praire

Summary: A praire with lots of inter-connecting caves in the middle. The caves are the main part of the area, but along the outskirts are bits of plant life, hiding lots of food.

Pikmin Found: Yellow, White.

Boss: Radioactive Scorpupod (see new enemies) 

Mini-Boss: (to be determined)

Interesting things: It is theorized by Mike that the area was once a huge ocean  due to the bones of sea creatures in the walls of the caves, and the huge mound was a mound of coral.

Glaring Grotto

Summary: This scary looking grotto is based on a swamp. The area is littered with hostile creatures, and the food is plentiful!

Pikmin Found: Winged

Boss: Greedy Long Legs (see new enemys)

Mini-Boss: Shellshocking Wollywog

Interesting things: The air surrounding the Glaring Grotto is murcky so a natural phonominon occors called a Willow-wisp. An easter egg!

Junk Pit

Summary: The area is abandoned and littered with discarded junk. The final boss resides here.

Pikmin Found: None

Boss: Compileing Spectral Behemoth

Mini-boss: None

Interesting things: The Junk Pit is an actual junkyard. When defeated the final boss drops the main engine and a computer chip.

New Enemys:

Aquamarium Spouter

Douseim Blowciam

Cetasea Family

This member of the Cetasea family prefers to live in sectioned caves, away from other lifeforms. The reason for this is that the Aquamarium Spouter has no other creatures to contempt with. When a creature invades its personal space, it wakes up in a furied rage trying to exterminate the source. Approach with caution, because this creature is easy to wake.

Ground-slurking Meerwyrm

Quadpulid Brischaete

Arthropod Family

The Ground-slurking Meerwyrm is a gluttonous spieces. Rather looking for food itself, it waits for the food to go to it. Because the Meerwyrm is a rather weak creature, most of the time Meerwyrm form a group with other Meerwyrms. When Meerwyrms are paired together, they are much more dangerous. Somtimes a group of Meerwyrms can live to up to 100 years, which is why some scientists call it the Century Slug.

Areo-Nited Insectoid

Avridea Coleoptera

Phyloflight Family

Probably the most interesting thing about this creature is its wings. Due to the large size of the beast, it shouldn't be able to fly. But it still can, proving many scientists wrong. The Insectoid hordes food in it's web, so it can eat it during its hibernation. 

Greedy Long Legs

Pseudoarachnia Gluttolious

Arachnorb Family

This member of the arachnorb family has extemely rare black and orange stripes up and down its body. On the top of its body resides a corrupted black flukeweed, indicating that this speices was formed when a beady long legs was biologicaly attached to a flukeweed somehow, or it was just born that way. Maybe the Flukeweed has a bigger connection to the speices than we origanally thought...

Compiling Spectral Behemoth

Sparia Enigmia


Little is known about this monster. All that we have concluded is that is is made out of plasm, and that it is not of this world...

Pikmin 3

This section will be devoted to everything Pikmin 3.

Pikmin 3 DLC?

Will there be DLC? Maybe... It would probably be like more Mission mode and Bingo Battle stages. Not a new storyline ("awwwww...." said myself). "What stages could they be?" you may ask? I'll state my ideas.


  • Sandy Shallows. Theme: A desert oaisis. Enemys: Orange Bulborbs, Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, swooping snitchbugs, water dumples, and hermit crawmads. Boss: Buggeyed Crawmad. Obstacles: Water, electricity, lillypads, bridges.


  • Deep Woods. Theme: Forest, like a bulborb haven. Enemys: Bulborb, Dwarf Red Bulborb, Whiptounge Bulborb, Orange Bulborb, Dwarf Orange Bulborb, Spotty Bulbear, Dwarf Bulbear. Obstacles: Water (CRUEL MOMENT: Spotty Bulbear in water!), Bridges, Other.

Pikmin 3 Boss Guide!

Armored Mawdad: Holy cow, the big daddy of Mawdads is here! The armored mawdad! First he will crawl around the arena and eat your pikmin. The strategy is to throw rock pikmin on his back. When part of his back cracks, he will crawl on the wall. Just wait untill he stops and then throw more rock pikmin on. Then when his armor falls off, throw red pikmin onto his exposed flesh. He will now crawl onto the ceiling. You have no idea when he will come down and charge your pikmin. He can eat a lot of pikmin at once so be careful. Just stay diligent and you should have no problem. Aperently the world record is 17 seconds. Whats your record? Mine is 39 seconds.

Vehemoth Phosbat: During this boss fight you will need alot of Yellow Pikmin. Your main priority is to build a bridge to a large circut, and light up as much of the area as possible. The Phosbat will fly around the arena, sucking up Pikmin in his massive mouth. If you don't wan't your pikmin to be devoured, try hiding in the light. The Vehemoth Phosbat HATES light, so take refuge in the light of a glowcap and find your way to the nearest circuit. If you manage to liht up a lightbulb and the Phosbat is nearby, you will stun him and he will crash to the floor. Charge your Pikmin and watch the pikmin fly. (Note: When the Phosbat flys up he will release a cloud of poison dust. Your Pikmin will die so watch out!) When his health reaches about half-way around, he will scream and that wakes up the tiny Phosbat Pods. The little Phosbats are a nusance, so take them out quickly. Once you build the bridge and charge the large circuit, the Vehemoth Phosbat will be infintly stunned so now, KILL IT!!! Once you destroy it he will fly around in a daze, and crash into a dangling lightbulb, which will be the end of the Vehemoth Phosbat.

Sandbelching Meerslug: Alright, I am not going to lie, this slug is a great boss. When he pops his head out of the ground, swarm it! 3... 2... 1... The meerslug has lift-off. He will shoot out of the ground and land on his side, where you proceed to swarm him again. He will now burrow back into the ground. Ocasionally, he will act like a real sand lion and make an indent in the ground. If your Pikmin get to the bottom of the hole, they die. Toss a bomb into the Meerslug's mouth and watch it go sky-high. His attacks also include shooting sand balls out of his mouth, and if the sand hits your Pikmin, they get planted back in the ground. Not much left, just kill it. If it decides to circle your Pikmin, watch out! A giant hole will appear. Bomb him! And then, the Meerslug is dead.

Scornet Maestro: A guide for the "totally not disturbing" boss. 

Pikmin 3: The Mystery of the secret memos.

What are the secret memos? Well, I do know. I can tell you how to find them too! The secret memos are numbers being carried by pikmin, I am led to belive that the numbers are in random order, and the numbers are different in each game. If you input the code displayed by the secret memos onto a secret website you will discover a very secret log.

Tropical Wilds Tropical Wilds Secret Memos

Using the scale puzzle to get to higher ground, and to get on top of the giant tree, you may notice a memo. Throw another captain over the hole (where you fight the medusal slurker) to grab the secret memo.

In the area where you fight the calcified crushblat, check the back of the area to find a hidden alcove with a secret memo inside. 

Distant Tundra

Enter the cave with the pyroclasmic slooches with winged pikmin. Use their abillity to lift up the bamboo gate. Inside the middle of the area is a hiding place, and in there is a secret memo!

Up on a ledge near the start of the level, you'll need to throw two captains up onto a small rock, then throw the other captain up onto the ledge. If you want to see a video on how to do this click here: Distant Tundra Secret Memos

Garden Of Hope

In the small upturned pot where the peckish aristocrab is (the one holding the scaly custard), a secret memo is waiting.

Just watch this video, Its too hard to explain... Garden Of Hope Secret Memo

Twilight River

This memo is found on a small island on the southern-most part of the map. Ride a lillypad to a spring plant, and throw two captains up there then walk tho the island and throw you captain on. If you want to see a video on how to do this click here: Twilight River Secret Memos

Climb on to the bridge to the branch leading up to the boss fight. Throw a captain over the branch and walk around to the secret memo.

Formidible Oak Formidible Oak Secret Memos

In the area with the mysterious life form chase, there are some mushrooms near a bomb wall (the one at the start of the area). Within the mushrooms lies a secret memo.

You may find this memo near the exit. After crossing the set of two mushrooms have you pikmin dig up the mound to reveal the final secret memo.

Well that's all the secret memos!

P.S: Totaka's song is in the credits... Just saying...

P.S.S: If you walk around the Distant Tundra with only Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, they