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A fairly new member, who is trying his best to finish Pikmin 2, which he recently discovered, due to the fact he lives under a rock.

Pikmin records:

Completed all 30 parts: In 23 days. (I know, it's nooby, but it was only my second try.)

No death runs: 0, but close. I lost 1 Pikmin to the Emperor Bulblax >:(

Pikmin 2 records:

10,100 Pokos: 30 days

Titan Dweevil defeated: 42 days and only 16 Pikmin dead on my first try!!!!

Completed all treasures: Not yet, but I've now oficially entered the wistful wilds :)


Pikmin: Well, duh. Yellow

Enemy: Mamuta. The most mysterious enemy ever.