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Artwork of a Man-at-Legs.
i like fighting the man at legs

THE green pikmin

see me on metroidwiki!!!! see me on godzillawiki see me on kirbywiki


currently playing


my dream

What i want to do is become a featured user


I mainly love the music in games in pikmin ai no uta and tane no uta


Known by many i am a glitch tester give me a good glitch how to do it and i test it in one game a strange unknown glitch caused a computer virus to be unleashed in my game! >:D so dont tell me there are to many glitch articles>:(


I am waiting for pikmin 3 to come out and as my username clearly states I want there to be green pikmin. PIKMIN 2 is easier than pikmin one because the enemies are slower and there are unique pikmin. AS AN EXAMPLE: the final boss in pikmin 1 is a regular boss in pikmin 2 and in pikmin 2 you can petrify enemies punch harder and super charge your pikmin.

pikmin 1

I beat pikmin one few weeks ago but freaked out when I did after all i amoost always get the bad ending and turned into pikmin after 5 years!!!!

Pikmin 2

Years ago i beat pikmin 2 completely thenMY MEMORY CARD GOT FORMMATED >:( so i had to start all over I am still playing today :(

Pikmin 3

Right now they are currently making pikmin 3 for wiiu but they could stop if you want a pikmin 3 copy this on your page.

What i say

When i leave a comment i will say I am trully The green pikmin 18:59, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

Mota lacidan

Hail the Mota Lacidan