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My Pikmin Chart

Favorite Character: Olimar

Thumb pikmin ghosts.jpg

Favorite Pikmins: Bulbmin, Mushroom Pikmin, and White Pikmin

Favorite Area: (In Pikmin):The Forest Navel

(In Pikmin 2): Wistful Wild

Favorite Boss: (In Pikmin) Goolix

(In Pikmin 2) Water Wrath

Favorite Enemy: (In Pikmin) Puffstool

(In Pikmin 2) The Secret Bugs of Wistful Wild

Hardest Boss: (In Pikmin) Emporer Bulblax

(In Pikmin 2) Titan Dweevil

Easiest Boss: (In Pikmin) Burrowing Snagret

(In Pikmin 2) Burrowing Snagret

Hardest Enemy: (In Pikmin) Goolix

(In Pikmin 2) Fiery Bulblax

Easiest Enemy: (In Pikmin) Female Shearbug

(In Pikmin 2) Female Shearbug

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