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For Pikmin 3, all information has to be cited until the release, when some (not all) pre-release information will be removed. Anyways, here is how you properly cite:


To cite a source, use <ref>Example Citation: "Interview Name". Retrieved on May 14, 2012.</ref>. Such sources will be numbered where there are posted [1] (this source is the first cited source in this article, so it looks like [1]).

The second source will appear to be [2].[2]

The third source will show as [3][3], fourth source as [4][4], and so on.

If you cite a source more than once, the source number for the citation will appear multiple times.

If you have a link to a site, be sure to put it into the citation.


To show the entire reference list and what is in between the ref tags (this is mandatory), type <references/> or {{Reflist}}. It will show as follows (You'll need to type the header):


  1. ^ Example Citation: "Interview Name". Retrieved on May 14, 2012.
  2. ^ Another Sample Source. Retrieved on May 14, 2012.
  3. ^ Sample Source from a Random Place. Retrieved on May 14, 2012.
  4. ^ Sample Interview on 5/14/12