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Hello! I'm new here.


Final Boss- Titan Blowhog

Description- It is a gigantic eight headed blowhog. Each head has a different colored snout that attacks with a

different hazard. The snouts are-

1. Red- Fire

2. Blue- Water

3. White - Wind (like a Puffy Blowhog)

4. Cyan - Ice

5. Orange - Explosion (Shoots Bomb Rocks)

6. Purple - Poison

7. Pink - Withering (like Withering Blowhog)

8. Yellow - Electricity

Olimar's Journal-

Titan Blowhog

Blowhog Family

The largest species in the Blowhog Family is actually a combination of all of the creatures in the family. It is

created on a rare chance at birth. The Blowhog is very hostile and is known to attack anything that moves.

Louies Notes-

Cut off each head and cook individually and serve in a delicious eight-course meal!