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I like this image...

Hello, everyone! I'm a great fan of Pikmin and I'm currently playing the New Play Control! Version of Pikmin 1. I have the two games for NGC I have only 2 treasures to get in Pikmin 2. I hope that I can be usefull to this community!

Note that I am Portuguese and I have 4 years of English, so if I make any writing error, don't upset, ok?

EDIT: I have completed the NPC! version of Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2.

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Pikmin 3 Ideas

Like everyone, I have my own Pikmin 3 Ideas:

Pikmin Family


Onion Pikmin

Cepa rufusia: Red Pikmin - Survive extreme heat.

Cepa pyrobolusilex arumia : Yellow Pikmin - Equal

NEW! Cepa pyrobolusilex frons : Brown Pikmin - Can dig tunnels and can breack rocks; can lift and throw bomb-rocks; are better in terms of defense. However, they are slower and heavier than the others, but not as much as the purples.

Cepa cobaltium : Blue Pikmin - Equal

Subterrean Pikmin

Subumus puniceus : Purple Pikmin - Equal

Subumus neveus : White Pikmin - Equal

NEW! Subumus niger : Black Pikmin - Survive direct contact with ice and extreme cold. Survive intense sunlight. In dark caves, their antenna light up; can de used to explore the land at night.

Origin Pikmin

Only one species:

NEW! Originus paludis : Pale Pikmin - They are the closest Pikmin species to the original one. They are born in Candypop Buds and suck nectar to grow. After 10 days of live, they transform into Candypop Buds. The amount of nectar they consume determines the seeds produced by the Candypop Bud. But, if they spent to much time with a specific species (like the Red), the transform into a Pikmin of that species. Their attacks are very weak, but because they don't produce the substance that prevents more than 100 Pikmin in the field, there can be a max of 250 Pikmins of this species in the field!

(If you want, I will explain why they can tranform into other Pikmin and what is that substance)

Parasatic Pikmin

NEW! Parasiticus pikiminus : Green Pikmin - They can possess the carcasses of enemies, so you can use the powers of the enemies. They are smaller and have roots in their hands and feet.

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