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oh ok olimar i'm boutta head out

I'm mostly known for helping with the Pikmin 2 hack 🅱️ikmin. I sometimes edit this wiki but not that often. Oh well.

I'm currently working on my own major Pikmin 2 hack - Octopussy: Live and Reloaded! (O:LAR for short). Look forward for more updates :D


Reproducibility Danger Versions
tedious harmful Pikmin 2: Yes (only on the gamecube)
New Play Control! Pikmin 2: NO!
  • Effects: stops the FINAL FLOOR yellow text thing from playing so that you can crash your game for "fun". it also makes it silent
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • How to: this video is a good tutorial but you can also continue to quickly open and close the lid to crash the game as seen here
  • Notes: FINAL FLOOR STORAGE is actually just a sub category of xXYUMMY_GAMECUBE_DISCLOADING_STORAGE_YUMMYXx but not enough testing has been done to show whether or not more crashes can be done with different things. here is an example of xXYUMMY_GAMECUBE_DISCLOADING_STORAGE_YUMMYXx so I IMPLORE that you all try to get crashes with other things like ALL DEBT PAID off. or something.
  • Possible explanation: the game is still trying to load the FINAL FLOOR animation from the disc so it gets confused when you try to load a different cut scene and kind of just goes KA PLOOEEEEY.

pls like and subscrib to mr broccoli. hahahah just kidding but remember who told you about this glitch