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hello all you party pikmins! I am so Glad to be a member of this wiki :D I started playing Pikmin when i was in kindergarten I remember i used to sneak down at 6:AM to play pikmin Before i had to go to school haha I loved first game even though my Primitive mind Didnt work well for me to Actually complete it But then i got Pikmin 2 when i was 7 and ever since then i have adore purple pikmins xD.... and Now I decided to replay to games at the age of 13 lol i finally completed the first game in a matter of 17 days and I beat the second game in 67 day xD and now i want To prepare for the 3rd I CANT WAIT!!!! pikmin= my 2nd favorite nintendo series Purple PIKMIN Ftw!!!!! <3

Favorite Pikmin From (Pikmin)

Jeremy The Plumpest Purple

A Purple Pikmin carrying a Burgeoning Spiderwort berry.
Jeremy Plump!!
Strength High
10x Slower
Abillity 100% stun




Favorite Pikmin From (Pikmin 2)






ill Do Pikmin 3's list once i have beaten it :D, Bye!~