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Hey im Wistful Woods!

Area Notes


  • Impact Site

This is a bad situation... can i make it out alive? NO! i can't let this affect me! what would my wife say? i will make it out, phenomenal creatures i have found seem to view me as a leader, is it my transmission device? they follow what i do...can they carry my precious cargo? perhaps...but i should try and view my scenery first, it seems to be a small wood, did these creatures live here before? how come they were sedentary? have they gone extinct? if they have...other creatures are around too.

  • Forest Of Hope

this planet's nature is impeccable...I see so many creatures living their lifestyle and preforming aggressiveness when we encounter them, yet an abundance of parts are here, and it makes me think, should i truly kill all these beasts i encounter if they are just feeding to live? perhaps it is nature's way, those horrible bulborbs seem to be dominant return the favor to them, i shall teach these pikmin to remain vigilant and fight, much like me against my boss for a raise...

  • Forest Navel

A new area to search! This region appears to be very moist, perhaps there was an ocean above, then the hole I entered in was formed, and all water came through, and eventually dried up in some areas...there remains water though. This land is very treacherous, yet my son would love to come and explore, he was eager to come with me on this vacation! My wife of course said no, that "Your daddy needs some private time!" he would love the pikmin though...I miss them to my fullest, but I shall return!

  • Distant Spring

How? how could this strange planet be so beautiful? it's like I'm drifting in a calming dream...with my family...the water is so pure, i can see myself...I've lost weight! this must be a dream, yet I'm observing that the pikmin seem disturbed...oh my, beasts must think this is a haven too as they're running rampant... the farther I get in this planet, the more I see its horrendous cycles...the Pikmin are looking far off to the east bay, they look grave. there's a strange haze... is that an egg?

  • The Final Trial

This is it! the final part is here! I have come so far,not even being able to lift off the dolphin,and I owe it to these creatures that i found by suprise...the Pikmin, who bravely fought for me, but I have a feeling that a bigger trial awaits...I'm confident that they will help me make it through, I can even see my family waving back to me in the stars! perhaps it is fate, or a hallucination created by hunger...yet I have an uneasiness about that lump seems like my wife's meatloaf!

Pikmin 2

  • Valley Of Repose

It hasnt been a while since i crashed on this planet... The snow is so cold and it looks like soft sprinkles of fluffy blankets of a dream... My newly aquired partner, Louie is lost in this unfamiliar turf. The Red Pikmin seemed to wall themselves in.