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This is my guide to Pikmin 3.

YellowPikSherpawoman (talk)

Day 1

This is a normal tutorial day. Remember Pikmin's flowers don't bloom underground today.

Day 2

Call out all your Pikmin and go to the dirt wall. Throw 15 Pikmin on it. Then, kill the Dwarf Bulborb and carry it back. Charge the rest of your Pikmin onto the fragment pile. If the 15 Pikmin are done with the wall, have 14 of them build the bridge and throw the other one at the Pellet Posy. Use your Pikmin that are done with the bridge to collect Pellet Posys. After that, cross the bridge and kill the Bulborb by charging from behind. Instruct the Pikmin to take down the wall and carry back the carcass. Continue forward to the Sunseed Berry and throw 6 Pikmin on the ledge to carry it back.

Enter the cave and defeat the Medusal Slurker to discover Rock Pikmin. Have them carry back the carcass and any pellets you want. After, use the new type of Pikmin to break down both Crystal Walls to free Brittany. After the cutscene, throw Brittany and 10 Pikmin on the ledge, then switch to Brittany and throw the Pikmin to the Face Wrinkler.

If you do not intend on getting all fruit, skip to the next paragraph. Keep going to the Shutterchucks and use your newly-obtained Rock Pikmin to defeat them. Throw your Red Pikmin at the fragments and destroy the crystal with Rocks. Once the bridge is finished, command some Pikmin to carry back the Sunseed Berry.