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Hello I am zach460 I am here to give you my pikmin knowledge I remeber when they released the first game in 2001 for gamecube my interest grew quite quickly I mean whats not fun about controlling a large group of individuals.

Honestly my favorite game is Pikmin 2 for many reasons the biggest reason is it is the game to introduce my favorite Pikmin the Purple Pikmin another reason is there are an unlimited amount of days I'm on day 2,000 even though I 100% beat the game on day 28 but I like to build my army and conqure the maps like a high ruler.

But Pikmin 3 is full of fun as well but its a shame they cut the Purple and White Pikmin from story mode they would have been fun to have with you but they are still fun in mission mode and bingo battle even though I always get White Pikmin and not Purple Pikmin in bingo battle but when it comes to Pikmin 3 I like White Pikmin over Purple Pikmin because they make the collection of Piktamin U easy breezy but I will always have a spot in my heart for the Purple Pikmin.