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what is this *sniffs* is,is this pink honey or nector gross *licks*
awesome will they be in pikmin 3
how did they make them
its ok i guess
looks like my poop after i eat ham
the best pikmin in pikmin 1 because they can go in water
theyve invaded run

hey guys im on this wikia to and ive got to say something:Spotty bulborbs are ot biolagicly related to reguallar bulborbs yes they are there watchers but they are not related but whatever

OLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!Green pikmin?

anyway pikmin is my favorite game i have for my wii because: pikmin is short but fun i've never played pikmin 2 but i want to and also is it just me or are the purple pikmin fat. plus onions dont look like real onions i've also noticed that each origannial pikmin has something the other doesnt like,Red:Nose Yellow:ears Blue:mouth. and one more quick notice pikmin get NECTOR from GRASS to help them EVOLVE Does that seem inapropreite i would also like to say i have a blog up for important wiki/pikimn stuff sutch as asking fora page about chuggaaconroys pikmin LP nicknamed pikmin AKA bob,steve,ect. and pikmin 3 news i have a rivelery with edurog3000 right now for deleting the steve page and i am having a campaighn to have the admitorstraghtors to un-edit Steve because hes so famous that he is in the wikia backround but for a subpage later steve is right over there ---------------------------------------------------> thats all thats going on right now by