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Hello, KawaiiKiwii, and welcome to Pikipedia! If you need ideas on how to help, please see the helping out page. For a beginner's guide on how to edit pages, check out the quick start guide. Finally, if you'd like to chat with other editors, there's a Discord server. Thanks for joining, and we hope you enjoy your stay! — Soprano(talk) 16:39, March 21, 2023 (EDT)

ACB Revert[edit]

Hi! They are actually the same creature! It's a translation error, the larva was originally supposed to be the native breed, the Strong-Armed Cannon Beetle. -Ninpan

That may be true, but we should get Soprano's and/or Espyo's view on the situation before doing extremely large changes such as that. {Kiwii(talk)} 21:20, July 27, 2023 (EDT)

Recently uploaded images[edit]

Hi, since you're the person who has been uploading the Pikmin 2 enemy screenshots today I'm here to inform you that it's best to have screenshots in as original quality as possible, rather than whatever happened to the ones you uploaded. I'm telling you this for two reasons:

1. Because you have the source of the images.

2. Assuming what happens to the uploaded images isn't fixable, to inform you that it'd be better to capture them in better quality if possible so I don't have to go around tons of files marking them as in need of improvement.

Anyways, I've run out of things to say. -Gulliblepikmin 13:36, March 4, 2024 (EST)