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In the Pikmin 2 files there is a user named Ebisawa, who handled e-reader info, visual effects info, testing data, and title screen info. The title screen info (in the folder title) has .szs files for the seasonal backgrounds of the title screen, along with a fifth .szs file called title.szs. Inside that are five folders. chappy, kogane, and pikmin contain the files for animations of the title screen's Red Bulborb, Iridescent Flint Beetle, and Pikmin, respectively. The other two folders are where things get really interesting.

logo contains coordinate files, simply called coordinate_eng, coordinate_jpn, and coordinate_nintendo. They contain all the XY coordinates for the Pikmin to form the English, Japanese, and Nintendo logos, respectively.

The other folder is param, which contains all the editable parameters about the title screen, arranged in text files. There are four files for the lighting in the four seasons and four more files for the different fog colors and intensities. Only the winter and spring backgrounds have fog by default.

There are also parameters for controlling the Bulborb and Beetle, under param_chappy.txt and param_kogane.txt, and parameters for Pikmin under param_pikmin.txt. This Pikmin file has already shown me that the Japanese logo Pikmin have slightly larger flowers (2.6) than English logo (2.4).

The content of param_title.txt edits title screen and logo states. In here are a few properties called "BOID," which are implemented with param_boid.txt. Boids is a framework for particle simulation that attempts to mimic crowds of birds in flight (Boid = "bird-oid"); that is to say, particles in a crowd avoid collisions with local crowdmembers but steer toward a general crowd center. There is actually a lot of effort in programming the way Pikmin run in a seemingly random fashion away from the Red Bulborb or to change logos. There appear to be five different Boid states with parameters that adjust how much the Pikmin avoid collisions and where their crowd center is, so that they act more like a group of animals and less like randomized particles.

I'll update this if I find any more information! Scruffy (talk) 14:25, 25 January 2016 (EST)