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He we will list or favorite things in the pikmin games. list your favorite in this format:

  • Pikmin:...-Why:...
  • Capitan:...-Why:...
  • Enemy:...-Why:...
  • Area:...-Why:...
  • Ship:...-Why:...
  • Bose:...-Why:...

Replace "..." with your answer. Bulbmin count as pikmin and areas that have changed between games count as different. Here are my favorites :

  • Pikmin:Yellow-Why:Ther ears are awesome and yellow is my color
  • Capitan:Presented-Why:He is the comic releaf
  • Enemy:Puffstole-Why:Waddles in a funny way has awsome abillaty
  • Area:Forest of hope-Why:Very serial calming geart scenery and map deasine
  • Ship:SS Dolphin-Why:Looks best the new ship is anoing
  • Bose:Armored canon betel-Why:Massive and can spit boulders

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