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For some reason I can no longer turn off the JavaScript, so same-page edits are grouped together. I used to have it off so everything was chronological, but now it seems locked on. Anyone else experiencing the same? GP

Not really. Java's fine, nothing visually changed. I do have Vista, though, might that have an involvement?--Prezintenden
You probably already use it grouped, as in there's an arrow to the side to expand for changes to that page. I used to have that feature off, but now there's no button (Toggle Enhanced Recent Changes) to turn it off. GP
It took me a while, but I get now what you mean. I do use the arrows, and didn't notice anything. They Hide/Show button is there, too (to be honest, it does look visually unpleasant to me when hidden).--Prezintenden
I just really hate it like this, as the edits aren't in proper order. But it seems the problems suddenly appeared Wikia-wide, judging by this. GP