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To be used when a Japanese name or term needs to be presented.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 Yes Kanji/Kana The original Japanese text, in Kanji or Kana.
2 Yes Romanization The romanized text.
3 No Translation Literal translation.
f No Format The format to present the text on. The following values are valid, and you can learn more about how they look in the examples section below.
  • tp: Translation in Parenthesis: the translation is surrounded in parenthesis.




Code Result
{{j|ダマグモキャノン|Dama Gumo Kyanon|Cannon Ball Spider}}
ダマグモキャノン?, lit.: "Cannon Ball Spider"
{{j|さいみんクッキー|Sai Min Kukkī|Hypnotic Cookie|f=tp}}
さいみんクッキー? (lit.: "Hypnotic Cookie")