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Port and starboard are relative to Olimar, seated in his ship. Other references are to the ship in the standing position commonly seen in gameplay.

  • Main Engine: At bottom of ship, faces down.
  • Eternal Fuel Dynamo: At bottom of ship, faces up (inward, hard to see as the ship develops- especially after Anti-Dioxin Filter)
  • Whimsical Radar: At back of ship, near the top. This is the only part in which the camera moves to show this change.
  • Geiger Counter: Over panel that absorbs ship parts.
  • Radiation Canopy: Over cockpit.
  • Sagittarius: Over Gluon Drive, on starboard side.
  • \#1 Ionium Jet: On starboard side, level with panel.
  • Anti-Dioxin Filter: Around the panel that absorbs ship parts.
  • Omega Stabilizer: Covers port fin.
  • Guard Satellite: Hovers on port side. Attaches to port near fin, on the back.
  • Libra: Over Gluon Drive, on port side.
  • Gluon Drive: Consists of the top half of the ship's panels.
  • Interstellar Radio: Hovers over starboard side. Attaches to starboard near fin, on the back.
  • \#2 Ionium Jet: On port side, level with panel.
  • Bowsprit: Bow (top) of the ship.
  • Chronos Reactor: At bottom of ship, faces down. Main Engine is "in" the Chronos Reactor.