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Result: Passed. This RfA has been closed; Blue Ninjakoopa has been given rollback abilities.

First off, allow me to introduce myself to those who may not recognize me: I am Blue Ninjakoopa. I am known throughout some well-recognized Wikia sites along with social sites such as AllisBrawl. I've created a proboards forum and I currently am an administrator of the Star Fox, Donkey Kong (inactive, due to lack of knowledge of the series as a whole), and Kirby wikis, and a member of the Mario and Pikmin (that's here!) wikis.

Much like other Nintendo Wikias, this place is quite the target for fanon, which means fandals (fanon vandals) from here to there will want to add their ideas to articles where it, of course, does not belong. It's just something about reverting fandom-info that gives me a sensation of pleasure, but that's not the sole reason I require rollback.

I consider rollback the first step of showing how to handle tools responsibly. I can demonstrate my abilities with rollback in a similar fashion to system operating, and am confident that I can prove worthy of higher powers (which I will not request any time soon).

Along with my wall, another reason for my request is this: there is another rollback'r, but he is inactive (or, in his words, taking a break). I do know that the SysOps have these abilities, but I look at it like this: having an administrative ability is like owning a car, and rollback is the bike.

This is my request; thank you for reading.




From what I see, you tend to revert edits that undid an edit done by you occasionally, and you don't seem to bother discussing it much with the other participant(s). It's nothing major, seeing as it's usually just wether an image should be added or not, but it does concern undoing nonetheless. If you avoid that, I'd say there's nothing else to criticise, really.--Prezintenden

I do have the tendency to make hasty actions. I'll try to discuss edits before reverting them. :) Blue Ninjakoopa 03:55, February 19, 2010 (UTC)
That's not the point of rollback, though. Anyway, by 'ask', I meant ask, not give a load of reasons. We know you can be responsible. I'mma just give you the powers. GP
Thank you. Blue Ninjakoopa 23:02, February 19, 2010 (UTC)