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I think we could do with adding an article called Pikmin in Super Smash Bros. Brawl or something similar, now that there's more information on it. It could wait until the game is released, but it would at least be somewhere to focus all this information that's being put into Trivia sections all over the site now. GP

I think that's a great idea. But waiting a week would most likely be best... I dunno. It would be fine either way, I think. Hmmm... I just looked, and we don't even have an article on Brawl itself. We might need that... I dunno about that, either, though. InfectedShroom.
The only real references so far are this and this. There's enough info there, though, really. GP
Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.

Having already played Brawl, I must say that I enjoy the Pikmin level. The Bulborb eating people who get too close is a nice touch.

Olimar lacks any decent one-shot moves that characters such as Ike have. I might also add that his Final Smash is only truly good for doing a lot of damage (Though if you jump high enough you escape it.). Landing right next to someone will kill them, but the smash doesn't do much else, whereas Sonic's/Pikachu's Smashes are completely broken and whenever they get their hands on it they win.

The Pikmin that Olimar pulls from the ground are randomized (B Button), and each type has appropriate "after-damage", red leaving fire burning, yellow shocking whoever you land them on, blue causing surf damage, etc. The occasional Purple is nice. I have yet to see a Bulbmin in play.

Olimar's UP+B is silly. Enough said.

All in all, he's got potential for awesome in a 1vs1 match, but lacks the ability to adequately defend himself at longer ranges or in a fight with three or more combatants.

Personally, I like Lucario and Starwolf better, seeing as I can't play as Jigglypuff anymore.

Jigglypuff got nerfed hard.

HARD. - Spiral Tail

I hear Mario's been made much better. Care to confirm? GP

Actually yes, Mario has been made a little better. Also there is alot of talk on various smash forums of Olimar being top-tier in brawl, you just got to know how to use him. YigguthYigguth

Mario has a timing setup a lot closer to Dr. Mario's now, but has a relatively easily-dodged Final Smash. Other than that, he's the same as he was, awesome as long as you're good.

I haven't devoted much time to Olimar. I'm practicing my hitboxing with Lucario.

-Spiral Tail

Olimar is quite difficult to gain a masterful control of. While his attacks are quick, they are difficult to aim. He throws Pikmin of different varieties, which also makes strategy an important factor. All in all, a medium-sized character, with fast, but weak attacks. Olimar is a new spin on Smash Bro. Combatants! Me_just_inEarly Mushroom Pikmin.jpg