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I did a Google search to see if there was any new Pikmin news. I got something very unexpected- Nintendo put this thing out on their site, an article called "Louie's Notes: Musings of a Sidekick." It's written from Louie's point of view and is obviously very non-canon, probably for promoting NPC Pikmin 2. All the same, I didn't see this coming at all. It's an odd way to promote the game, especially since it's been out for a number of weeks now. But, if it improves the chances of a North American release, some people might take this as a good thing.

There's a ton of strange stuff in there. For instance, when listing famous villains in video games that the duos must face (Mario and Luigi vs. Bowser, Link and Navi vs. Ganondorf, etc.) he talks about the fact that neither he nor Olimar have a real "villain" and instead mentions that he is in a way his own worst enemy. Go and read it first, then say what you thought of it. Portal-Kombat

Yeah, I saw that (at the Nintendo of Europe site, last week). I quickly scanned through it when it came up in case there was news of Pikmin 3, but it's obviously only for NPC!P2 because it advertised it at the end. As to what I think of it...not much, really. I liked the references ('a crippling debt brought about entirely by factors beyond my control'...), and I thought it interesting that something sourced from Nintendo had the bit about Navi being annoying, but otherwise...meh. GP