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This is a forum so you can just imagine that YOU(or a space captain) were taken to the pikmin planet. Which pikmin would you find first, Why are you there, and do you know about the planet??This is THE place to share your thoghts.

  • Please:
  1. Put All of your "Adventure" in one line/box/paragraph under the other
  2. Make the "Adventure" on the pikmin planet
  3. Don't make up anything BUT your captain(s), the storyline, and where you find the pikmin
  4. Don't make your story too long
  5. Try to make it exciting
  6. Sign your name (Example Peanut64 20:19, 2 November 2008 (UTC)
  7. Only post comments in the discussion page

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CAPTAIN POKKA'S JORNAL(Peanut64 20:19, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

  • Day 1 The Landing
  • On the first day of finding a renewable power source, I made a HUGE discovery. Tiny Yellow Plant-Animal hybrids i call "Pikmin". They helped me find an interesting artifact. It was a small flat circle that was picking up magnetic signals and,in the middle, a needle that pointed to an "N"...My surroundings were mainly water. My pikmin cannot swim though.
  • Day 2 The Compass
  • It turns out that the strange object i found the other day is a device that points north and points torwards a strange treasure/Old crashed spaceship parts. The pikmin follow my orders and get tossed high up due to the big ears catching wind.

Strange yellow amphibious creatures flatten my army. This behavior torwards me and my pikmin is unknown...

  • Day 3 Perplexing Waters
  • I found a new type of pikmin! They can breathe underwater and stustain jets of H2O. Since my discovery, I dedicated the area to the blue pikmin and the water. Now, the area has a proper title: Perplexing Pool.

Now, the yellow frogs i saw the other day were easier to kill. When the amphibituer knocks my pikmin into the water, its okay.

  • Day4 The Motherload of treasure
  • Thanks to my compass and the blue pikmin, i found 12 treasures underwater and stored them in the S.S. Pioneer.
  • I have taken notice to my pikmins' behavior. When dismissed, the pikmin play and sit in wait for their next orders.
  • Day5 The Submerged Castle
  • I found a crevass in the water. I brought 50 Blue Pikmin with me and explored it. The S.S. Pioneer's Cockpit Came with me.
  • Many discoveries were made down there.Electrical generators were down there. If i wasnt so distracted by the noise of pikmin getting shocked, i would of sampled the electricity.. I also found out that there are beings from other dimensions... Like the water-thing on two rollers.One other pikmin color was found: Burly Purple.