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I drewed this!

Pikmin Jam!!!!!

This is the one and the ONLY Peanut64,No Denying IT:|

THE Peanut64 Promise

  • I promise to jump off a cliff tomorrow(Joke)  :)$$$$$
  • Also, i will help you play pikmin juggle on Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!(Not Joke, I Know How) :0 I Know, you are saying "Wha???"


This is my UserName on Youtube! :J to juggle pikmin on brawl: go to distant planet with olimar and only 2 pikmin, go to the very right side of the stage on the edge (Not the Red Bulborb), use the down smash attack many times in a row. After about 4 or 5 times you should be juggling pikmin. Works best with Gamecube controller's c-stic.Also you should try it with training mode or 2-player when there is noone else there.Try it-Im Peanut64, And dont deny it:O