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Hello I'm new and of course I have a bit of ideas and I think I know how to post this so.....

Phantom Long Legs Pseudoarachia Chromalusk Arachnorb familly Areas:Solemn south(Night)(This is my Custom area) Areas below ground:Hole of horrors,Freezing abyss,Final frontier(These are custom areas) Carry weight:N/A Attacks:Crushes pikmin,Freezes pikmin


Olimar's notes:Amazing this creature has a Glowing outer rim the rim is a below zero temp also it seems this creature has adapted to the cold tempurature of this land study has shown the inside of this creature is hot the pikmin seem to fear it's power strange....

Louie's notes:Innedible Consumption results in chills illusions and the urge to drink hot tea.

How to kill

The only way is to have ice pikmin it is surrounded by a purple veil which protects it not only that but it's in a pool of freezing water so ice pikmin can avoid everything but it's stomping just attack it when it lowers itself after you defeat it you earn another peice to the puzzle and the Sub zero suit(a dolls coat)It allows you to withstand cold temps and is worth 300 pokos.

Uhh I know I'm missing a bit of info but I'll return to give the rest....

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I agree with Game's last sentence, but you may also speculate here. The Pikmin Fanon Wiki is a website dedicated to speculation and nothing more. You may also speculate here, but I'd say not on a forum, just like me. Twinmold.pngSnakeboss14Twinmold.png
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