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<(^.^<)May I take your hat sir?(>^.^)>

Pikmin 3 (BOOOOOYAH!!!!!!) and I own Pikmin 2. I suppose I'm getting Pikmin 1.5 also :P. YES, I AM COMPLETELY POSITIVE I AM A BOY. You'd never imagine lazy old Crys gettin' a job woulya? Well, I'm gettin' one soon, and will be on later in the afternoons. SO HA!

"Too much trash in your face? There's plenty of space in outer space!"

-Billboard, Wall*E

My Gawd an actual Pikmin Specumalation Wiki! Must resist, vandalisation...

Aren't they Kewl? ALL UR BASE R BLONG TO US!
I drewed this!
I made this a while back. And when my pictures became invisible for a short time, I uploaded it to see if it worked.
Must be pretty good music if he listens to it for, y'know ever
Artwork for the Analog Computer. 7/-/15 |_|532 <4|\| 5|*34|X ]=1|_|3|\|7 1337. 7/-/3 /-/42|) \/\/4'/. (For noobs that's: This user can speak fluent leet. The hard way.)
Gozira.png Sarcastic RWAR..

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