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This is about the appearance of all templates that take the form of tags on pages: licensing ones, stub, image needed, featured, and loads more. I want to make the formatting consistent, but need input. At the moment there are 3 main types: template:image, template:fairuse and template:user image. Now, we could keep the three types if we want, or create new ones, and have, say, ones for images one type and ones for pages another. If you want a list, they're all somewhere at category:templates.

I think that the green one goes with the skin, and might be best on image pages; but the plain one with lines and italicisation is simpler and looks better perhaps on articles as notices. Still need everyone else' ideas.

Oh, and in case you didn't realise, I added some file licenses, which I feel we've needed for quite a while. The user images could certainly benefit from them. Also, should I create template:quality for images, put on image pages whose quality needs improving or image just needs replacing? GP 09:59, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

Gee, uh; as template:user image, and hopefully all that are similiar, is used on separate, rarely viewed pages rather than articles, I'd say we change that to the green style aswell. I don't find the standard yellow to be fitting in any way now. As for the notices on pages: I find that they shouldn't be too prominent. The current style is well suited for that. If you really want everything to match, then make them all the green, not vice versa.
Now to the images. We're most likely going to delete the image if we need to improve it, so I'd say me should do something like at template:delete: Say what it is that is wrong, and/or what and how the subject should be pictured. My opinions up to now.--Prezintenden 13:44, 5 June 2008 (UTC)