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Pikipedia focuses on documenting the world of the Pikmin games, but it is edited and visited by real world fans that love the series. Although the idea of a wiki is to be an encyclopedia, not a chatroom, Pikipedia and its affiliates offer a couple of ways for you to get in touch with other fans, and embrace the Pikmin community's social aspect.

Pikipedia's social media pages

Pikipedia's staff is, naturally, composed of big fans of the series. Their passion lies with discussing information about Pikmin, not just documenting what happens inside the games. From sharing news of new games, to discussing recently found glitches, the following official Pikipedia accounts on social media can keep you up to date with the latest news of the Pikmin universe!

Twitter icon.png Twitter
Tweets are posted every once in a while to celebrate a game's anniversary, or to share some news about something that happened recently in the world of Pikmin.
YouTube icon.png YouTube
The YouTube channel is mostly used to share important videos about the Pikmin franchise.

Chatting with other fans

If you want to talk to other fans, be it about a community project like Pikipedia, or just to discuss your latest zero death challenge playthrough, there are a couple of channels dedicated to doing just that.

Icon for Discord. Pikmin Discord
Pikcord is the community's Discord server, used for real-time chatting. This server is about the franchise as a whole, but it hosts Pikipedia's official discussion channel. There are also some channels inside to talk about other games and real-world subjects between friends.
Reddit icon.png Pikmin subreddit
Reddit is a social platform, and r/Pikmin is used to share Pikmin content in. It's the perfect place to upload screenshots or photos, though you can use it for discussions as well.

Older services

The social channels you see above are the most recent ones, and are fairly active. However, when Pikipedia was starting out, different services were used by the fans. Some of them still live today, but are outdated and have almost no users. If you still want to use them, feel free, but keep in mind that they may be empty!

IRC channel
Used for real-time chatting. You can hop in without an account, and without leaving the wiki, but it may be empty. Use Pikcord instead, preferably. See the help page if you need IRC assistance.
Pikipedia Forums
Pikipedia's official forums, in which fans share anything from theories to projects.
The wiki's built-in forum system. Used to share news and discuss wiki organization long ago, but nowadays, that is mostly done in talk pages and Pikcord.

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