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Pikmin 2 enemy properties

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The following articles contain tables that compare the different properties for the enemies, plants, and certain objects in Pikmin 2. These properties are contained within text files, located in enemy/parm/enemyParms.szs/data/*/enemyparm.txt, inside the Pikmin 2 image. The properties that are considered confirmed are because of observation, experimentation with file editing, or plain obviousness.

The table has been split into several pages in order to reduce the amount of space needed to read the table, as well as the amount of effort needed to load, render and sort the cells. All tables start with the icon, name and internal name of the creature or object. On the internal name, a green cell indicates a plant, and a pink cell indicates an object.


  • Page 1: Lists from {s000} to {fp08} ("friction", "wall reflection", "face direction adjust", "acceleration", "bounce factor", HP, {fp01}, horizontal damage scale, vertical damage scale, "damage frame", "mass", speed and rotation speed). It skips {fp07} as that property is always absent.
  • Page 2: Lists from {fp09} to {fp19} ("territory", "home distance", "private distance", "sight distance", "FOV angle", "exploration distance", "exploration angle", "shake rate", "shake force", "shake damage" and "shake range").
  • Page 3: Lists from {fp20} to {fp30} ("shock attack max range", "shock attack max angle", "attack hit range", "attack hit angle", "attack power", "visibility height", "exploration height", "max HP", "rotation speed max", "warning time" and {fp30}).
  • Page 4: Lists from {fp31} to {ip07} (regeneration rate, "LOD radius", {fp33}, {fp34}, petrification duration, Purple Pikmin stomp damage, stun chance, stun duration and {ip01} to {ip07}).

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