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Rocket Polish

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Rocket Polish Logs icon.
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Weight Unknown
Maximum carriers Unknown
Location Foaming Lake

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The Rocket Polish is a treasure in Hey! Pikmin, that can be found in the Foaming Lake area. It is actually a blue, red and white tube of toothpaste, which is three times the size of Captain Olimar.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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Above an Eye-Stalker Bulbeel stands two vines leading to the treasure. The player must use the jetpack to access the second vine, and retrieve the treasure.


Hey! Pikmin logs

Today I found a full tank of cleaning solution. I'll polish the S.S. Dolphin II until it shines. My most trusted partner doesn't deserve anything less.

Postscript: Naturally, the Pikmin have already gotten the S.S. Dolphin II dirty again. The ship doesn't mind, though. Maybe the mud is a nice change of pace after all the void of space.

Play Nintendo[edit]

Captain Olimar might use this paste to shine his rocket ship, but people on Earth know it works pretty well at shining teeth, too.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Schoonschipmaker Shipcleaner
Flag of France French Cirage à fusée Vehicle polish
Flag of Germany German Raketenpolitur Rocketpolish
Flag of Italy Italian Pasta lucidatrice Polish paste
Flag of Spain Spanish Abrillantador de cohetes Missile brightener

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