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Eye-Stalker Bulbeel

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Eye-Stalker Bulbeel In-game icon.
An Eye-Stalker Bulbeel.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Oculus voraxa
Family Grub-dog
Areas Foaming Lake, Downpour Thicket, Secret Spot 5
Attacks Eat Pikmin

The Eye-Stalker Bulbeel (ミズゾコデメウツボウ?, lit.: "River Bottom Bug-eyed Moray") is an enemy found in Hey! Pikmin. It is a large purple lamprey-like creature that expands its massive mouth to swallow prey whole. It has some blue stripes and orange fins on its sides. Its red mouth is usually puckered, but when attempting to eat Pikmin, it will become much larger. As the name implies, it has two eye-stalks that seem to always be squinting.

It is about four times the width of Captain Olimar, and the parts that can be seen can stretch up to about 20 times his height. Its length is so massive that its entirety can't be seen, so it is unknown what its bottom looks like, or how tall it actually is.


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Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
N/A N/A N/A A yellow Sparklium Seed icon, used to represent the object found in the games. × 15 No


Eye-Stalker Bulbeels lie in wait for prey to pass overhead, after which they will disapear momentarily and then open their large mouths and lunge forward, attempting to swallow any Pikmin. After their lunge, they will slowly retreat back into their alcoves and wait for their next opportunity to strike. These creatures will also consume any other enemies that are below them while they lunge upwards, namely the Puckering Blinnows that are seen in most water levels.


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Eye-Stalker Bulbeels have a lot of health and are best left avoided, but they can be killed, rewarding you with 15 Sparklium Seeds. To do so, simply lure them out of their homes and quickly lob Pikmin at their sides before they retreat. If Olimar is in the center of its reach when it lunges, he can be swallowed, which will kill him instantly. Otherwise, if he hits the creature's left or right side during the lunge, he will simply lose one bit of health.


Hey! Pikmin logs

Apparently the Grub-dog family includes this aquatic relative, which will try to eat anything that draws near. I wonder how many times that's backfired on it. How many acorns that happened to fall near its mouth has it swallowed?


See more: Grub-dog family#Naming.
  • Common name: Eye-Stalker Bulbeel. "Eye-Stalker" simply refers to its eye stalks. Bulbeel is derived from land dwelling members of the grub-dog family, Bulborbs, with "orb" being replaced with "eel", a creature it resembles. "Beel" is also a form of wetland, similar to the ones the Bulbeel resides in.
  • Japanese nickname: ミズゾコデメウツボウ?, lit.: "River Bottom Bug-eyed Moray".
  • Japanese name: ミズデメマダラ?, lit.: "Water Spotted Bug-eye".
  • Scientific name: Oculus voraxa. Voraxa comes from the Lain word "vorax", which means "gluttonous".
  • Internal names: Its internal name is mizuzoko. Its generator name is enemy_moray, "moray" being a type of eel.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ミズゾコデメウツボウ?
Mizuzoko Deme Utsubou
River Bottom Bug-eyed Moray
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bulbaal Bulbeel
Flag of France French Bulbille gobeuse Gobbling bulbeel
Flag of Germany German Glubschmuräne Ogling Moray
Flag of Italy Italian Coletilla spiona
Flag of South Korea Korean 해저툭눈곰치
Flag of Spain Spanish Angulbo mirón Nosy bulbeel


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