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S.S. Dolphin II's dialogs

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In Hey! Pikmin, the S.S. Dolphin II guides the player throughout the game. This page contains all of the dialog from the ship.




Captain Olimar...

Are you OK, Captain Olimar?

He's alive! Oh, what a relief!

Don't worry about me, Captain Olimar. I'm perfectly fine.

OK-ness confirmed. Let's get back on our feet and resume our voyage!

Assuming the ship still flies, that is.

Captain Olimar... You might want to sit down for this.

I have some very bad news.

It's our fuel, you see. The Sparklium.

We went from having lots of it... to none.

Without Sparklium, the only part of the ship that works is the pilot's seat.

I hate to say this, Captain Olimar, but we may have no choice but to sit here and hope that help arrives.


Yes... Yes, I think this might be just what we needed!

Captain Olimar! It's faint, but I'm picking up a signal from over there!

Follow me!

Is that... No, surely it couldn't be...

Oops! We startled it. Let's try to find its hiding place!

Aha! It's hiding in the weeds.

From what you've told me, Pikmin respond to the sound of a whistle. Try blowing yours to see what happens.

Interesting! Not just one Pikmin, but four!

What luck to find Pikmin here, wouldn't you say, Captain Olimar?

They responded to your whistle! Interesting that their behaviour is universal across different planets.

You were right, by the way. They DO look like pikpik carrots.

Oh! I got so excited, I almost forgot our Sparklium situation!

The signal is coming from up ahead! Let's go!

Those seeds are what's setting off my sensors.

But they're way up there...and you're way down there...

But maybe the Pikmin can help! Captain Olimar, try tapping the seeds to show the Pikmin you want them!

My analysis was correct. We can harvest Sparklium from these seeds!

Now for the bad news.

One seed contains only 1 Sparklium.

And according to my calculations, we need...hmm...carry the five...

30,000 Sparklium!

D-don't fret! There's more Sparklium where that came from!

The Pikmin and I are here to help you recover the rest.

We'll be at 30,000 Sparklium before you know it!

Good job, Captain Olimar! Now get inside and get some rest while I scan for our next destination.

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