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Artwork of the S.S. Dolphin II.
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The S.S. Dolphin II is Captain Olimar's vessel in Hey! Pikmin. At the start of the game, Olimar is piloting the ship to head back to Hocotate, until he hits an asteroid and plummets to an unknown planet. The ship crashes against the ground, and stays in that state. The cone of the ship has a detachable pod with its own artificial intelligence. This pod guides Olimar throughout his adventure.

After the crash-landing, the ship requires certain amounts of Sparklium to recover its disabled features, and provide Captain Olimar with updates. A list can be found here.


The Dolphin II shares similarities with both the S.S. Dolphin and Hocotate ship. It has only three fins, two ionium jets, and sports the familiar white and red color scheme of both vessels.

Like the S.S. Dolphin, the ship only has seating for Olimar as well as the color blue being featured in both ships' designs. The Dolphin II is more similar in shape to the Hocotate ship, and features a research pod similar to the ship's. It is rounder in appearance and features four small rockets in addition to having a propeller. Unlike either ship, however, the Dolphin II does not seem to have a Chronos Reactor.

Some cutscenes take place inside the cockpit. At the start of the game, because it's out of Sparklium, only emergency lights are on, but as more Sparklium is recovered, more and more of the ship's interior lights up. The layout only changes when certain levels of Sparklium have been reached, which sometimes coincide with an upgrade unlock.

Sparklium Image Description
None S.S. Dolphin II inside start.jpg Only the control monitor and the meal table have any lighting. The ship's speaker is also completely active.
Sparklium icon.png × 2,000 S.S. Dolphin II cockpit stretch.jpg The walls are now a bit lit up, as are the various control panels. The strips of lights below each control panel are on, but fade between soft and bright.
Sparklium icon.png × 6,000 S.S. Dolphin II cockpit stretch 2.jpg The floor is now lit, and the back walls are a bit brighter too.
Sparklium icon.png × 14,000 S.S. Dolphin II cockpit chair again.jpg The light strips above the control monitor are lit up, and light up filling in a pattern from the edges to the center. Light also comes from downstairs.
Sparklium icon.png × 22,000 S.S. Dolphin II cockpit coffee 2.jpg Everything is a bit darker in favor of the new disco ball in the ceiling, which lights up parts of the room with its reflections.
Sparklium icon.png × 30,000 S.S. Dolphin II cockpit chair yet again.jpg Searchlights have been installed on the floor, shining light upwards to the ceiling.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Dolphin II Dolphin II
French Dolphin II Dolphin II
German Dolphin II Dolphin II
Italian Dolphin II Dolphin II

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