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Trivia criticism[edit]

I feel as though the issues brought up for the first of the two mentioned treasures make sense; however, Olimar comments in the description for [Getaway Vehicle] that his "pilot's pride" flared. This seems to me to indicate that he used the word "ran" earlier in the entry in the sense of "fleeing", i.e. "running" away, as he could be argued to have been "piloting" the "vehicle". I don't feel comfortable editing the trivia section this late at night over something speculative, though. -- AmnesiacUser avatar for User:Amnesiacjournal.Journal 01:17, March 17, 2023 (EDT)

I know what you mean. Though since the other treasures are also flawed, I feel like it's more complete to point out how all treasures can be considered weird. The reader can decide by themselves if they think that's a massive blunder or not. — {EspyoT} 11:58, March 18, 2023 (EDT)