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Gender Male
Location Portugal
YouTube channel
Pikmin 100% completion
Pikmin 2 icon.png 100% completion
Pikmin 3 icon.png 100% completion
New Play Control! Pikmin icon.png Don't own
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 icon.png Don't own
Pikmin Adventure icon.png Own
This user can run Pikmin games on Dolphin.
This user can capture GameCube footage.
This user can capture Wii footage.
This user can modify the Pikmin games.
This user knows advanced MediaWiki markup.
This user knows Javascript.
This user knows CSS.
This user can handle the following languages: English and Portuguese.

This user is a bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki. In addition to the powers of a administrator, this user can also promote other administrators and/or users to be administrators and/or bureaucrats.

Hello, and welcome to my user page! I'm Espyo, one of the administrators of Pikipedia. If you have any question about anything wiki or Pikmin related, please, do not hesitate to ask.

About me

I currently own a Nintendo GameCube, a Nintendo Wii, and a Nintendo Wii U, as well as the European version of the three main games. Special thanks to my great friend Thomas for buying me Pikmin 3! As for the New Play Control! versions, I do have access to them, but do not own them.

In other places, I am also known as SRB2Espyo or EspyoPT; mostly when "Espyo" is already taken. I was born in 1991, and I'm from Portugal. My current project is the Pikmin fangame engine.

Me and the wiki

I've had a long past with the wiki, amounting to me being the fan I am today. Don't assume I'm an administrator for no reason, as I've always fought tooth and nail for the best interest of this community I'm so invested in.

Back when Pikipedia was still hosted at Wikia, I had Pikmin, and decided to search for a wiki specialized in the Pikmin franchise. I found it on Wikia and for quite a while, I dedicatedly contributed to it in any way I could, eventually reaching over 400 edits, before having to leave the wiki behind, when the split happened. On Pikipedia, only a few of the most dedicate fans remained, me being one of them.

During my time on post-split Pikipedia, I eventually worked on several articles, always cleaning up and adding things wherever I could. As time passed, my English skills, my ability to work with wikis, and my Pikmin knowledge grew ever stronger. Currently, I'd say I'm one of the most dedicated Pikmin fans out there.

In 2014, one of my most active years, I worked on raising the bar on article quality several times over. Sometimes noting a thing that could serve as a new guideline, sometimes realizing something to add to a template, etc. Every little detail I could find, I tried to improve upon and update the corresponding guidelines, in order to maximize the wiki's quality. On top of that, I also started getting technical and abstract, and started working on content and articles that relate to stuff outside the games' canon, as well as technical content from within the game's data, especially unused content. I also worked on other small details here and there, such as the engine, tools to help examine game content, and a bot for the chatroom, known as Testyo.

Eventually, this caught the attention of editors at Pikmin Wiki, which, at the time, was a monumental place. I was called in to discuss the possibility of a merge between the two wikis, something I've always planned on doing. We talked, we discussed, we planned, and after a long night, we eventually reached the conclusion that the community will all stick in Pikipedia, in order for it to become the ultimate Pikmin wiki.

At last, after many years, Pikipedia is finally growing to be the incredible Pikmin encyclopedia that I – and no doubt, so many more wonderful members of the community – so tirelessly fought for. To you all I give my most genuine thanks. Here's to the wiki's never-ending future!

I can...

These are the things I can do, regarding the Pikmin games. If you have any request, shoot it on the talk page!

I can...

  • the GameCube games (any region) on Dolphin, at a reasonable speed, which means I can:
    • ...take most screenshots.
    • most textures.
    • ...extract certain game content.
    • version differences.
  • ...capture video and audio footage from the first two European GameCube games directly, which means I can:
    • ...take most screenshots.
    • ...make most videos.

My records

Does it really matter to anyone, though?


Pikmin 2

  • Completed everything in the game, completed once with 0 deaths.

Pikmin 3

  • Completed everything in the game, completed once with 0 deaths.


Wiki stuff
Studies and the like
  • Emergence Cave run – a study where I try to find out, theoretically, how long it would take to complete the game via an Emergence Cave challenge.
  • Extinction – a study of what happens during different extinction-related scenarios.
  • Pikmin cap – a project where I set to find out the maximum number of Pikmin that can be hit at once, for each enemy attack.
Blog-like posts